About Us

In 2005, major employers in Oregon and SW Washington joined forces as Partners in Diversity (PiD) to cooperatively support diversity in the workplace and our community. 

Now, PiD is an affiliate of the Portland Business Alliance Charitable Institute, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization. The mission of Partners in Diversity is to partner with Oregon and SW Washington member employers to attract and retain professionals of color. 

PiD works to bridge the networking gap many new professionals of color experience and to facilitate the relationships oftentimes required to advance professionally in the region. We also help professionals of color connect with the multicultural community through networking events, social media, our own website and personal relationships.

PiD accomplishes these goals through educational programs for practitioners and CEOs, job postings and dissemination, major networking events such as Say Hey, and Breakfast for Champions.


"Being honored at Say Hey made me feel like I was meeting my new family. I felt welcomed and at home and enjoyed meeting some amazing people. My favorite part of Say Hey was looking out in the crowd and seeing so much diversity in one place. It was a beautiful sight."

-August 2013 Honoree