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"Say Hey conveyed a strong sense of family and inclusion and that Portland is a fun place to be not just for all the nice places to see and experience but more importantly because the people carry their welcome without constraints of typical society. Portland is a friendly place and being honored by Say Hey makes me say hey to all and everyone I see or meet!"

Kunjan Dayal
Director of Procurement and Contracts - TriMet

"Recently moving to Portland, I was told that the city is only around 20% diverse, with around 80% of the population being Caucasian. The experience of facing the welcoming crowd at the Say Hey event was eye-opening. It was as if the entire 20% of Portland diversity was in that large hall! Not only was it such a warm and inviting event, the audience members themselves were so helpful and welcoming, many of whom were going an extra step in giving guidance and advice for this new professional in the city. I will certainly be coming to more Say Hey events in the future to join in on welcoming more Honorees to the city!"

Mira Shah
Art Therapist

"I think it's great that new comers to PDX are honored in front of a large community of people. The gifts were also very nice and welcoming :) I'm both honored and thankful to have been part of that experience."

Marguerite Matthews
Postdoctoral Fellow at OHSU

"Portland is a great place to start a new life. I assume not many cities [do this to] show a welcome to the people who are going to start new lives and help make many great connections. I appreciate the Say Hey event and thank you for the wonderful gifts, too."

Tomoe Horibuchi
Owner of Behind the Museum Cafe

"The Say Hey events have truly been a best practice in real networking. I have lived all over the country and have never experienced a networking event where the new people in town actually get to meet fellow professionals in a natural, fun, and informal setting. The structured format of introducing a new professional who is visibly on stage in front of the audience is a novel idea. I have literally expanded my professional network with every event and have used the services of other businesses that are creatively promoted. Regardless of your personality trait of being an introvert, you are guaranteed to meet someone new at Say Hey."

Stephanie E. Turner
Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Kaiser Permanente

As a long-time Portlander, I value Say Hey as an asset to the community and organizations within Oregon and Southwest Washington. Meeting and welcoming new Portlanders, to a city that I love is exciting. I enjoy sharing, places, people and things that will get new arrivals rooted in the Portland and Oregon community and culture. The diversity of the honorees is a welcoming atmosphere and something our city eagerly welcomes!

Charlene A. McGee
Community Initiatives Coordinator, Kaiser Permanente Northwest

Say Hey is always well attended (at least the ones Ive been to) and everyone seems to enjoy the atmosphere as the locations are always solid. It also gives me an opportunity to welcome new brothers and sisters to Portland and let them know that YES, there are Black people in Portland! I, too, have met some really great people through Say Hey. It is a great event and very well planned and is something that I know I look forward to each quarter. Keep it up!

Aubre Dickson
National Equity Fund

I love Say Hey because it gathers together the talent pool of Oregon at a consistently fun event. If Im in town, Im at Say Hey.

Chris Shine
Director of Donor Development - De La Salle North Catholic High School