What You Can Do to Increase Diversity

A diverse workforce is a company’s greatest asset, yet few companies have learned to leverage its power. Beyond recruitment and hiring, many businesses fall short when it comes to retention and motivation of the diverse workforce they worked so hard to employ. Diverse employees often have a strong sense of self and an appreciation for who they are and what they have to offer. Businesses that harness and nurture this energy will benefit from a dynamic work environment and unique business solutions.

It was stated best by Kevin Turner- Group General Manager Finance/Company Director at James Pascoe Limited:

”By classifying an employee as an asset, it would then be in the company’s best interest to try to increase the value of the employee. This can be done by the company investing time and money into the employee, through training, mentoring and developing the employee. If the employee feels valued their sense of job satisfaction will increase as they will be given a clear career path and be given growth opportunities.”

Partners in Diversity can help your company increase its workforce diversity and give your company a competitive edge through our various educational programs, social network and our partnerships with local and national organizations. Your company’s involvement in PiD can help attract and retain employees of color.

For more information about Oregon Diversity, please visit the US Census webpage.