Job Details

Communications Dispatcher 1 (Lateral)

Clackamas County, Oregon City, Oregon

Job - Government

Close Date: 05/07/2018

This position will remain open until filled. We reserve the right to close this recruitment at any time without notice.

Annually: $62,297 - $78,495
Hourly: $29.95 - $37.73

In addition to competitive wages, Clackamas County offers an attractive benefits package for employees in regular status positions.

This is a full time County position represented by AFSCME.

AFSCME: C-COM Full Time Benefits

Communications (9-1-1) Dispatchers are considered to be the core of the 911 system and are the professionals called upon to help those who need to be heard, when something is happening to them, their loved ones or just someone next to them. Dispatchers come to work because they care about every single person who reaches out to them for help. They are strong and powerful individuals, who make critical decisions while experiencing extreme emotions: from hearing the first breaths and cries of a newborn baby they helped deliver to hearing the tragedy, fear and panic in someone’s voice when they are in danger. Although, most of the time Dispatchers don’t get to meet people on the other end of the phone line, they feel the gratitude for helping them through tough times. 9-1-1 dispatchers are the invisible heroes, who save lives!

•Are you passionate about helping others?
•Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives every day?
•Do you have a "gift" for being able to remain calm in stressful situations?
•Are you “quick on your feet” and able to make critical decisions promptly?
•Are you an excellent communicator?
•Are you known for your exceptional listening skills?
•Do you have outstanding problem-solving skills?
•Have you already worked in public safety dispatching and are eager to come back?

If you answered "yes" to the questions above, we want you to join our team as a Communications Dispatcher 1 (Lateral) with the Clackamas County Communications (C-COM) 9-1-1 Department. As a Communications Dispatcher 1 (Lateral), you will play a critical role in providing services and support that enhance the well-being of citizens you will serve.

We are searching for experienced, professional, dedicated dispatchers. Our dispatchers use an Enhanced 9-1-1 system with a progressive Computer Aided Dispatch system to receive calls from the public, dispatch mobile units, maintain logs, and records in a central dispatch center characterized by multiple users and wide geographic scope. Incumbents operate computer devices designed to retrieve and store information, refer a variety of telephone inquiries to appropriate services or sources within the County and provide other public service information.

We want motivated, confident, composed, and customer service focused individuals to be part of our team! As an employee of the Clackamas County Communications (C-COM) 9-1-1 Department, you are expected to meet the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics while on the job, and also to maintain those same high standards when taking actions in your personal life that could reflect on the Department.

PLEASE NOTE: This recruitment will be used to establish an eligibility list of qualified candidates to fill vacancies in the CCOM 911 Department over the life of the eligibility list, which typically is about six (6) months.

Required Minimum Qualifications/ Transferrable Skills:*
•Communications Dispatcher 1 candidates must possess a MINIMUM OF TWO (2) YEARS of public safety communications dispatching experience in a comparable dispatch center, including:◦At least six (6) months of experience as a fully trained call taker AND
◦At least six (6) months of experience as a fully trained police dispatcher

•Must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application submission date for this position
•Must possess a high school diploma or GED certificate of high school equivalency
•Corrected vision shall be at least 20/30 in each eye. Depth perception shall be sufficient to demonstrate stereopsis adequate to perform the essential tasks of the job. Visual Field Performance shall be 140 degrees in the horizontal meridian combined.
•Hearing in both ears must be sufficient enough to perform essential tasks without posing a direct threat to themselves or others. Applicant may not have an average loss of hearing greater than 25 decibels (dB) at the 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, and 6,000-Hertz (Hz) levels in either ear or single ear hearing loss in excess of 25 dB Hz.
•Typing speed of 35 Words per Minute (WPM)
•Must be willing to work weekends, holidays and rotating day, evening and night work schedules
•Must be free from criminal convictions, other than minor traffic violations
•Must pass an extensive background investigation, including national fingerprint records check
•Must pass a pre-employment drug test
•Must pass a post-offer health screening, including vision, hearing and speaking abilities. Accommodation requests will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation.
•Possession of a valid driver's license or an acceptable alternative method of transportation. Accommodation requests for an acceptable alternative method of transportation will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation or based on the Communications Department business needs. Specific information on the County's driving policy can be found at Driving and Vehicle Policy (EPP 52) . ◦Please Note: Anyone hired into the Communications Dispatcher Trainee position will be required to have the ability to arrive at any primary or alternate worksite at any time of the day or night, regardless of the weather conditions.

Preferred Special Qualifications/ Transferrable Skills:*
•At least six (6) months of experience as a fully trained fire/medical dispatcher
•At least three (3) years of public safety communications dispatching and call-taking experience in a comparable dispatch center, preferably in a fully consolidated police, fire, and medical dispatch center
•Current certification in CPR and First Aid

Other Requirements:
•Ability to meet Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) various preconditions for Dispatcher certification, including but not limited to education and age requirements listed above under Required Minimum Qualifications .
•Possession of or ability to obtain within established training timelines (currently set at 1300 training hours) : ◦Law Enforcement Data System (L.E.D.S.) certification
◦Department of Public Safety Standards and Training certification as a Telecommunicator and Emergency Medical Dispatcher (E.M.D.)
◦Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (C.P.R.) certification
◦Other certifications required by statute

•Accurately following precise protocols and procedures in stressful situations
•Strong organization, multitasking and prioritization skills
•Good judgment and problem solving skills
•Ability to handle a wide range of situations and circumstances effectively, positively and professionally
•Excellent written and oral communication skills, including ability to quickly determine the “who”, “what”, “when”, “where” and “why” within a conversation

*For Veterans qualified for Veteran’s Preference: If you believe you have skills that would transfer well to this position and/or special qualifications that relate to this position, please list those skills and/or qualifications in the open-ended question at the end of the application and explain how those skills and/or qualifications relate to this position.

Duties may include but are not limited to the following:

•Operates and monitors two-way radio communications equipment in accordance with FCC regulations, in order to dispatch Sheriff, police, fire, EMS, and other emergency units as required.
•Determines priorities of calls and transmits information and assignment units in the field and determines if follow-up action is necessary.
•Operates a telephone system to handle requests for emergency units and provides public service information and referral as requested.
•Makes license and registration checks and other police checks for police units; obtains information from fire units.
•Maintains records and prepares reports of activities occurring during shifts.
•Operates the radio paging system for County agencies, and monitors other agencies’ police and fire radios to coordinate emergency services.

Working knowledge of: The techniques, procedures, and methods used in the operation of a public safety communications center; functions and responsibilities of Sheriff's Department and other user agencies; general office and record keeping procedures; FCC rules and regulations relative to the operation of two-way radio communications equipment; locations of streets, roads, highways and subdivisions in Clackamas County; teletype equipment and computer devices; the kinds of information obtainable from criminal justice data banks.

Skill to: Understand and provide information regarding laws, regulations, and departmental policies and procedures; establish and maintain effective working relationships with officials and the public; react quickly, efficiently and calmly in an emergency situation and adopt an effective course of action; follow oral and written instructions; deal tactfully and courteously with the public; determine priorities and make decisions in stress situations; speak clearly and distinctly in English; communicate effectively with persons of varying socio-economic backgrounds in emergency situations; keep records and prepare reports; perform accurate computer keyboarding.

This position works in a County department that is open 7-days a week, 365-days a year. Shifts for this position include evenings, weekends and holidays. The center's schedule is based upon a standard seven-day work week with dispatchers working 4 days on and 3 days off. Specific hours of work will be discussed with the candidate selected for the position at the time an offer of employment is extended.

Clackamas County is in a prime location in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area and is recognized nationally as one of the most livable areas in the United States. Located on the southern edge of the City of Portland and extending to the top of Mt. Hood, Clackamas County is part of a thriving region in the Northwest. It has a population of about 400,000 citizens.

The Clackamas County Department of Communications, also known as C-COM (pronounced see-COM), provides 9-1-1 emergency and non-emergency call taking service to the public. C-COM also provides radio dispatch services to 6 law enforcement agencies and 8 fire districts and departments.

We encourage you to print out this job posting for specific information on the TESTING and SELECTION process.

Applicants must pass ALL STEPS of the testing process. A summary of the testing and selection process steps is outlined below.

This is a tentative timeline and is subject to change. We want to provide a general idea of the timeline to the applicants, since this recruitment process includes multiple steps. After the completion of each step of the process, all applicants will be notified of their status by email. It takes approximately four (4) months from job recruitment close date to the establishment of an eligibility list, which will be used to fill all openings over the life of the eligibility list, which is generally six (6) months.


After the recruitment close date, applicants' responses to the multiple choice screening questions will be assessed. In order to pass this initial questionnaire screening, applicants must meet the required minimum qualifications (listed above in the Job Introduction section) and be willing and able to work in the working conditions described in the screening questions.


A fully completed Statement of Personal History (SPH) is required for the comprehensive background check. SPH can be downloaded at: CANDIDATES ARE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY OR DROP OFF A COMPLETED STATEMENT OF PERSONAL HISTORY (SPH) IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THE APPLICATION PROCESS.

The completed SPH packet can be submitted at ANY TIME WHILE THE RECRUITMENT IS OPEN. Since this is an "Open Until Filled" recruitment process with no pre-established recruitment closing date, all applicants will be notified one (1) week prior to recruitment closing date regarding the SPH submission deadline (instructions for submission are on the SPH form).

Completing SPH:
•Many applicants withdraw from the process once they read the SPH because they decide that this level of disclosure is not something they are interested in. In the past, many people have applied who do not attend testing; therefore, we spend significant resources to test people who eventually withdraw from the process. In order to save both your time and ours, we require that the SPH be filled out at the start of the process so that we only test people who ultimately are willing to go through the background check.

•At this initial step, we do not evaluate the information that you submit in the SPH. We merely look for your willingness to fill out the form completely. Applicants who pass preliminary screening and submit a fully completed SPH will be invited to the testing process.

•Complete the 16 pages of the SPH. As it states in the document, in order for the SPH to be considered complete, ALL SECTIONS MUST be filled out entirely and to the best of your ability. DO NOT LEAVE ANY SPACES BLANK. If it does not apply, indicate DNA (does not apply) in the space.
◦IMPORTANT: Full disclosure and complete truthfulness are required. If you have been terminated from employment, have a criminal record or other unfavorable matter(s), those matters alone may not screen you out. However, the intentional omission, falsification or failure to disclose any matter will be a basis to reject your application.
•DO NOT WAIT until the close date of this recruitment process to start filling out your SPH. For some applicants with numerous addresses or jobs in their life histories, this sixteen (16) page form can take a week or more to complete. It can take a significant amount of time to gather information on addresses and zip codes of past residences, past employer phone numbers, relatives’ addresses, phones and birth dates, etc.
•Do NOT sign the SPH since we will need to authenticate and notarize your signature at a later date.
•Please make a copy of your SPH form for your personal records since we cannot return the original to you. Additionally, many applicants apply for this job several times; therefore, they find it useful not having to locate all the information required each time they fill out a SPH.
•Why do I need to divulge this personal information to take an employment test?
◦A comprehensive background check is required for C-Com applicants being considered for hire.
◦Many applicants withdraw from the process once they read the SPH because they decide that this level of disclosure is not something in which they are interested. In the past, many people have applied who do not attend testing; therefore, we spend significant resources to test people who eventually withdraw from the process. In order to save both your time and ours, we require that the SPH be filled out at the start of the process so we only test people who ultimately are willing to go through the background check.
◦Applicants who do not pass the video test or CritiCall will have their background packets shredded.

The SPH form can be submitted in two (2) ways:
1. Download and fill out the electronic pdf version of the SPH form. Save the completed SPH form. Then attach the completed form to an email to
•If you are submitting the SPH via email, please provide it either in a .pdf, .doc or .docx file.
•Please DO NOT submit the form in a .pgs or .pages extension.

In the event your email does not go through and is returned, please contact Megan Gilliland at (503) 655-8370.

2. Download and print out the SPH form, fill it out and drop the completed SPH form off at the C-COM address below during open hours Monday - Thursday from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time).
Clackamas County Communications Department (C-Com)
Attn: Megan Gilliland
2200 Kaen Road
Oregon City, Oregon 97045


You should expect to receive an email confirming receipt of your SPH within five (5) business days after your submission. If you have not heard back within five (5) business days, please email Megan Gilliland at

Applicants will be notified when their background check is activated. At that time, we will request additional documentation, such as a birth certificate and school transcripts.


Applicants who send in the fully-completed SPH, described in the earlier step, will be sent an email assigning a date and time for the video testing session.

Applicants do not need prior 9-1-1 call taking or dispatching experience to take this test. This is a multiple choice test, using video situations that will evaluate skills and abilities in the following areas: situation judgment, public relations, internal relations, responsibility for officer safety, listening and communication skills, dealing with difficult and stressful situations, analysis, prioritizing and problem solving, recording accurately, and dispatching.

Time to allow for testing is approximately 4.5 hours.

The E-COMM ERGOmetrics Video Testing has been TENTATIVELY scheduled for the week of May 21, 2018.



Applicants who pass the E-COMM ERGOmetrics video test will be invited to take the CritiCall test, which evaluates typing speed, entering data, multi-tasking, memory recall, prioritization, reading maps and understanding directions, and reading and comprehending written text.

Time to allow for testing is approximately 4.5 hours.

The CritiCall Test has been TENTATIVELY scheduled for the week of June 4, 2018. THESE WILL BE THE ONLY DATES AVAILABLE FOR TESTING.

OUT-OF-AREA CANDIDATES: We can attempt to schedule the E-COMM ERGOmetrics video test and the CritiCall test on the same day, on an individual basis. This means that people who are traveling from a distance only need to travel once for these tests, rather than twice. Out-of-area applicants will be responsible for their own overnight accommodations, if needed.


Applicants passing ALL testing will be referred to the Department of Communications for selection interviews, according to the Clackamas County Personnel Ordinance rules. Clackamas County follows the Personnel Ordinance with regard to its employment process. This position is a classified position and is covered under this Ordinance. Generally, the most qualified candidates on the eligibility register will be referred to the hiring department for the hiring interviews and other selection processes. Additional names may be referred from the eligibility register if provided for under the County’s Personnel Ordinance. Open eligibility registers will be used for three (3) to six (6) months, and could possibly be extended up to one (1) year. In the event there are additional openings for this position, the established eligibility register will be used to fill these openings.

As part of a department interview, candidates will also be required to take a two (2) hour pre-offer, non-medical suitability screening.

The department interviews are TENTATIVELY scheduled during the first two weeks of July, 2018 (most likely July 9, 2018 and/or July 10, 2018).


Background investigations will be conducted for the most competitive candidates. Background investigations are comprehensive; therefore they can take on average between four (4) and eight (8) weeks to complete. In order for the background investigation to proceed in a timely fashion, candidates must complete all entries on the SPH, submit required documents, and encourage references to respond immediately to their investigator’s telephone calls. Candidates who fail to provide information in a timely manner may be terminated from the process.

Fingerprinting is part of this step of the process.


Candidates who receive conditional job offers after the department interview and pass the background investigation will attend a post-offer psychological evaluation.

Candidates who pass the psychological evaluation will then take a pre-employment drug test and a post-offer health screening that tests for sufficient vision, hearing, and speaking ability.

Communication Dispatchers attend a training academy, the length of which may be adjusted based on their related knowledge and experience.

To complete an online application and for more information, visit and click on the “Jobs” tab.

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