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Close Date: 01/31/2018

Board of Directors Expectations and Responsibilities Nov 2017 MISSION The Mission of Transition Projects, Inc. is to serve people’s needs as we assist them in transitioning from homelessness to housing. The agency provides emergency and transitional services in an atmosphere that nurtures life with dignity and serves as a catalyst for choice, change, and a return to self-sufficiency. Transition Projects will work toward the resolution of homelessness and poverty (low or no income), including helping those at risk of homelessness to remain in their homes, assisting homeless people to find homes, and providing shelter, transitional housing, and affordable permanent housing. EXPECTATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES Directors contribute to the organization in the following ways and to the best of their ability: 1. Participate in the hiring, annual evaluation, and ongoing support of the Executive Director. 2. Accept fiduciary responsibility for Transition Projects by ensuring prudent use of all assets, including facility, people, and good will; providing oversight for all activities that advance the agency’s effectiveness and sustainability; and monitoring the organization’s investments and annual budget. 3. Assist the Governance Committee and Executive Director in identifying and recruiting new board members. 4. Be a passionate and well-informed member of the board. 5. Attend and participate in all board meetings; notify the board chair as quickly as possible of any unavoidable absences. 6. Serve on a minimum of one committee, as directed by the board chair. 7. Participate in setting, guiding, and evaluating the overall strategic direction of the agency. 8. Participate in the special activities of Transition Projects, including the annual fundraising event and serving dinners to participants. 9. Assume a leadership role or take on additional responsibilities when requested by the board chair. 10. Serve as an ambassador for the agency and an advocate for its work throughout the community. 11. Consider Transition Projects a philanthropic priority and make a personally significant financial commitment annually. All board members are expected to make an annual contribution, so that the agency can credibly solicit contributions from foundations, organizations, and individuals. 12. Sign and abide by the agency’s Conflict of Interest Policy by recusing oneself from any discussions or votes that involve a personal conflict of interest. 13. Sign and abide by the agency’s Confidentiality Policy by maintaining confidentiality whenever appropriate. 14. Make decisions in the best interest of the agency, and not one’s own self-interest. 15. Ensure that Transition Projects obeys applicable laws, acts in accordance with ethical practices, and advances its Mission. 16. Ask for clarification if there are concerns or any lack of clarity about expectations or responsibilities.

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