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Portland 2.0: Are we at a new inflection point?


Hoffman Hall

1833 SW 11th ave., ,

Start Date: 01/26/2019 9am

End Date: 01/26/2019 4:30pm

Portland 2.0: Are we at an inflection point?

Co-Hosts Jessica Vega Pederson and David Yaden invite you to
discussion January 26 about how the Portland region came to be what it is
today and where we go from here

Beginning in the late 1960s, the Portland region boldly decided to head in a direction different from other urban areas - turning away from sprawl and freeways, rebuilding a vital and active downtown, maintaining desirable neighborhoods and attractive public parks and amenities, fostering regional cooperation. It gained a reputation for urban success, civic vitality and innovation.

However, our quality of life has not been equally shared. Some were simply left out, excluded. Importantly, the burdens of our desirability, especially displacement and housing affordability, have fallen disproportionately on those least equipped to cope and those historically bypassed by our “urban success,” especially communities of color and lower income groups. Growth is creating new strains. And circumstances have changed, including an increasingly diverse population, technology, the economy, modes of civic engagement.

JOIN US ON SATURDAY, JANUARY 26TH to assess how things have changed and to ask some big questions about lessons learned, about how things do or don’t get done, and about the state of our civic infrastructure.

Panel topics will include:

  • What do we need to know about Portland 1.0 - that energy-filled period beginning in the 1970s changed where the region was headed?
  • What has changed and where are we today with regard to the economic and social context and conditions that gave rise to Portland 1.0?
  • What about inclusion and accountability? Do we care as much about our neighbors as our neighborhoods?
  • Is our “civic infrastructure” of citizens and leaders, of public and private institutions up to creating Portland 2.0?

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