Carla Fisanich

She/Ella | Program Manager

Employer: Adelante Mujeres - nonprofit

Moved Here from: Spain on May 2022

Why did you move here?

I moved from Spain after living there for 5 years. I am originally from Maryland (DMV). I wanted to work for a nonprofit with latine women in the US supporting and empowering them and I found Adelante Mujeres. Having my brother live on the west coast as well was important.

What is one thing that you need/want from a community right now?

I’m looking for community, a mixed group of people to talk to and learn from. I think there is a lot of groups here of races and there’s no overlap. Being bi-racial has been hard for me here in Portland.

What kind of civic connection are you interested in making?

I’m interested in volunteering, learning about other organizations breaking down barriers in Portland, listening groups, spaces to be vulnerable to talk about difficult issues not just in the US but in the world.