Jordan van Leesten

He/Him/His | Account Manager / Creative Recruiter

Employer: Mathys + Potestio

Moved Here from: Los Angeles, CA on April 2023

Why did you move here?

After living in Los Angeles for 2 years, I was yearning to work in our office located here in Portland - and really dig my roots into the creative + broader community of Portland. This is a city that reminds me a lot of my hometown - Providence, Rhode Island - where your community impact can be felt in a variety of different ways, and the connections you make can bring an incredibly positive societal impact to the communities around us.

What is one thing that you need/want from a community right now?

I am someone who values people and relationships on a high level. Throughout my career, I have worked in various jobs and industries - but the common thread between all of those opportunities has been centered around providing opportunities for other people. I have mentored youth, built connections between organizations and non-profits, and been a champion for the communities that need one. I'm looking to have my personal and professional skills be put to work outside of my 9 to 5. I believe that I have an innate ability to look beyond the here-and-now, and help under-represented individuals find their passions, careers, and calling. I want to make new connections with the communities who are already doing that work, and find ways to add my abilities to the broader PDX community through my craft and my passion.

What kind of civic connection are you interested in making?

I would like to meet diverse groups of people who are currently impacting our communities in a positive way, find mentors that can help me become a better version of myself, and find ways to volunteer and feed my hunger for public service here in Portland.