Michael Larson

He/Him | Founder of Humans For Housing

Employer: The Contingent

Moved Here from: Seattle, WA on June 2023

Why did you move here?

I moved to Portland Oregon in order to pursue my dream of building Humans For Housing, an organization aimed at telling powerful stories, organizing people, and helping to pass policy behind research backed solutions to homelessness.

What is one thing that you need/want from a community right now?

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign on November 22nd to help fund our documentary, Humanizing Portland, which will help to humanize people experiencing homelessness and give people the opportunity to take action. It would be great for people to either contribute to the campaign or share with their networks our effort to tell these powerful stories.

What kind of civic connection are you interested in making?

I'm looking to make connections with other leaders passionate about the issue of housing and homelessness in Portland.