Samuel Brooks

They/Them | Human Resources Generalist

Employer: NAYA Family Center

Moved Here from: Chicago, IL on July 2022

Why did you move here?

I have family in Oregon and had visited many times. After the pandemic I was feeling a sense of cabin fever for the city I grew up in and wanted to also get away from the snow.

What is one thing that you need/want from a community right now?

I need to make some professional connections. I work in the nonprofit sector and am always looking for top talent to bring to our organization.

What kind of civic connection are you interested in making?

As a person of African descent, I'm deeply committed to making culturally specific civic connections within diverse communities. The Black culture holds a unique place in American history, and it's important for me to actively contribute to its preservation and advancement. I'm interested in participating in organizations like Partners In Diversity to support initiatives that promote Black culture and address social justice issues. My personal background and family history have instilled in me a profound appreciation for the Black experience in America. I'm committed to using my skills and knowledge to help culturally specific organizations, and I'm eager to learn from the stories and experiences of others from diverse communities. I view this as a long-term commitment to maintain and strengthen these cultural connections.