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Deputy General Counsel – Senior (Litigation)

TriMet, Portland, OR

Job - Law

Close Date: 12/07/2018

Provide a wide range of legal services in furtherance of TriMet's vision to do our part to make our community the best place to live in the country. Our team of dedicated and talented lawyers and staff provide professional, competent, highly responsive and cost-effective legal assistance to TriMet. We work with all TriMet divisions to accomplish TriMet's mission and goals within legal, ethical, financial and business parameters.
Essential Functions:
1. Work as a team member with other lawyers and staff.

2. Provide the highest level of customer service by responding quickly, professionally, and thoroughly to the requirements of the Legal Department's customers and clients.

3. Maintain comprehensive knowledge of and ensure compliance with pertinent federal and state law, regulations, rulings, interpretations and court decisions that may effect your subgroup.

4. Competently apply legal analysis, research, and writing to draft clear, concise, organized and accurate legal arguments. Meet deadlines and provide all work product in a timely and professional manner.

5. Work closely with executive directors, directors, managers, and other stakeholders in developing strategies to address legal issues related to your subgroup, including updates and developments in the applicable law.

6. Providing trainings and presentations to TriMet stakeholders on legal issues relevant to your subgroup.

7. Increase the effectiveness of the delivery of legal services through preventative action, including proactive involvement, early identification, and resolution of potential issues and disputes.

8. Communicate effectively, and maintain professional, collegial, and productive relationships with TriMet employees, witnesses, attorneys, and external partners. Willing to take direction and assignments on a variety of legal matters from supervising attorney.

9. Work with outside counsel as applicable on managing specialized matters.

10. Make presentations to the TriMet Board of Directors, legislative committees, and local government agencies concerning legal issues in your subgroup.

11. Ensure a commitment to safety through consistent and professional behaviors in performance of job requirements that demonstrate safety is a fundamental value that guides all aspects of our work. Perform other duties as assigned.

Specific Job Duties- Litigation: Provides a wide range of legal services including litigation, dispute resolution, mediation, and arbitration services primarily in tort and employment matters. Advise and assist with management of tort and employment issues to prevent future litigation.
1. Provide in-house legal services with emphasis on tort and employment litigation.

2. Analyze and evaluate cases and claims for recommendations to client departments.

3. Maintain and manage active caseload from intake through trial and appeal. Conduct investigations, discovery, depositions, motion practice, trial preparation, trial, and post-trial matters.

4. Participate in investigations, preparation of administrative agency responses (BOLI, EEOC, FTA), and policy discussions regarding employment and regulatory issues.

5. Ensure adherence to all applicable procedural rules and deadlines of any tribunal.

6. Participate in dispute resolution, including negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, contested case hearings, and litigation.

7. Work closely and effectively with legal department staff in the preparation and adjudication of cases.

8. Assist and advise TriMet stakeholders to support management's handling of labor, discipline, and grievance matters as well as human resources investigations.

Position Requirements:
Law degree from a law school fully accredited by the American Bar Association. Active member in good standing with the Oregon State Bar Association.

A minimum of eight (8) years total credited experience. Responsible, significant, relevant and successful experience with a law firm, public agency, or private corporation as legal counsel. Substantial, direct and effective experience as lead counsel in cases involving tort, employment/labor, or contract law.

Salary Range:
Minimum: $116,134.00
Maximum: $144,452.00

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TriMet is an equal opportunity employer, committed to developing an organization that is reflective of and sensitive to the needs of the diverse community we serve, including veterans, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.