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Career and Technical Education Director

Portland Public Schools, BESC – 500 N. DIXON ST, PORTLAND, OR 97227

Job - Education

Close Date: 04/24/2020

Posting Timeline: This job is open until filled.  The first review will begin with applications submitted by April 15, 2020. Portland Public Schools reserves the right to make a hiring decision at any point during the posting period.

Salary Range: $104,481 to $114,169 

The Director of Career Technical Education (CTE) will provide management and leadership for the enhancement and expansion of CTE programs for Portland Public Schools to provide students with meaningful education, employment and career skills. The Director of CTE is responsible for all aspects of CTE instructional programs, including curriculum materials, instructional capacity, use of assessment and industry certifications; building and maintaining industry partnership collaboration; and support of the High School Success Plan and initiatives to integrate CTE with core academics. Direct operational, strategic, and special project planning in applied CTE learning to improve student learning and instruction.  


Program Leadership      

Oversee, cultivate, implement and evaluate multi-year strategic plans, yearly budgetary grant management and processes for securing and allocating funds.
Lead initiatives for PK-8, middle, high and focus option schools; design and implement quality improvement options for the district’s 7 -12 grade system framework, in compliance with District and State diploma requirements; determine grade level requirements, assessment criteria and related policies and procedures.       
Provide leadership and technical expertise to CTE school staff and administrators in areas such as program offerings, state approved programs of study, program quality and improvement, strategic short and long range facility and program planning, and related activities, in accordance with federal, State and District career and technical education goals.       
Participate on cross-functional teams to collaborate with District staff and internal project leaders to identify, proactively develop and promote college and career exploration through CTE partnerships and opportunities that share CTE messages and positive events.  
Fiscal Management and Compliance

Manage the preparation and submission of necessary required reports, and documents, and data as required by Oregon Department of Education and federal law governing Career and Technical Education (Perkins Legislation).  
Develop and manage administrative and programmatic systems and procedures to ensure effectiveness of CTE programs and compliance with internal and external requirements and regulations.      
Develop and oversee development, management and monitoring of grant funds and program budgets; ensure compliance with contracting laws, District policies, grant requirements and related fiscal activities; implement and allocate budget-approved resources.       
Manage the annual Carl Perkins Grant, including assuring grant guidelines and reporting requirements are met. Search and apply for federal, state and other external sources of funds for CTE programs and activities.
Curriculum and Instruction                   

Lead ongoing curriculum development among CTE programs, in alignment with district curricula, advisory committee recommendations, and state requirements to ensure the District’s CTE programs engage student interests and meet the current needs of business and industry. Supports the development and implementation of course-level competencies.
Work closely with Principals, guidance counselors, and other district staff to encourage student interest in CTE programs within a career pathways framework. Work with staff to support students who may need accommodations or modifications for successful participation in CTE programs. 
Ensure the enhancement and implementation of High School Graduation and College and Career Readiness Act (Measure 98) components and the development of site conditions that ensure effective support for instruction, programs, and related activities.

Demonstrate a commitment to the Portland Public Schools Equity Initiative by developing a thorough knowledge and application of the district Racial Educational Equity Policy, Equity in Public Purchasing and Contracting and other board policies; participate in staff development, in-services and trainings related to diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and in K – 12 education; model appropriate behaviors; develop, recommend, implement and communicate improvements to school and business practices with awareness and understanding of their impact in a racially and culturally diverse community.      
Supervise the performance of assigned personnel; interview and select employees and recommend transfers, reassignment, termination and disciplinary actions.      
Perform related duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications:

A Bachelor’s degree in Education, Business, or a related field.  A Master’s Degree is preferred.                
Five (5) years of experience in career technical education, educational programs’ development and implementation or related activities, including program marketing and partnership building.
Experience working in a large urban school district and/or public agency is highly desirable. 
Knowledge and Abilities: 

Career Technical Education programs and pathways to fulfilling high school graduation requirements. 
Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act. 
Budget development and implementation techniques. 
Grant writing and applications techniques and timelines. 
Best practices for community engagement and public relations. 
Interpersonal, written and oral communication skills including public speaking.         
Develop CTE business and industry partnerships, including recruiting new partners. 
Develop and maintain detailed knowledge of issues surrounding career technical education programs. 
Communication strategies for multiple constituents to engage diverse, multi-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual populations. 
Interpret, explain and apply a variety of complex laws, guidelines, initiatives, policies and procedures. 
Serve on and lead a variety of internal, business and state committees related to career and technical education. 
Communicate a culture of equity that is student-centered. 
Any other combination of education, training and experience which demonstrates the candidate is likely to possess the skill, knowledge, ability and trait characteristics essential for this classification may be considered.

Pay Scale: 

The Director of CTE Program is linked to the classification, Director - Student Success Programs which is a Grade 43. 

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FTE: 1.0

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