Job Details

Maintenance Team Member

Luke-Dorf, Tigard

Job - Non-Profit

Close Date: 05/31/2020

The maintenance team provides general labor and technical services to all Luke-Dorf, Inc. facilities. Performs general upkeep and repairs in order to ensure a safe work environment.

Basic Function

Provides a variety of general labor services and building technical services.

Pulling weeds and pruning
Keep walks clean
Clean parking lot drains
Police roofs and grounds, pick and discard debris
Empty trash receptacles
Replace interior lamps
Building rounds concepts
Adjustment of building time clocks
Requisitioning and purchasing of materials
Exterior light checks
Vacancy cleanup
Replacing ceiling tiles
Perform emergency light checks
Furniture installation
Graffiti removal
Hang pictures and whiteboards
Inspection of properties
Customer Service; problem solver
Repair toilets an urinals
Power washing
Replace exterior lights (NTE: 10’)
Adjustment of door closers
Minor irrigation repairs
Key cuttingPerforms carpentry work in the renovation, alteration, maintenance and construction of buildings, floors, roofs, partitions, doors, windows and wooden fixtures.
Performs a variety of skilled bench work in a shop. Operates a variety of specialized equipment, hand and power tools, including concrete saws, power saws, drills, chain saws, and others. Operates a variety of heavy equipment, such as backhoe, boom truck and others.
Performs plumbing work on water and sewer lines and other plumbing fixtures. Installs and repairs new lines, fixtures, pumps.
Performs a variety of minor electrical installations and repairs.

Work Coordination and Paperwork

Organizes all work detail (work performed, service recommendations, etc.) and completes an accurate work ticket for billing and payroll purposes. Submits all paperwork to the Service Manager within 48 hours of completion of each day’s work.
Obtains record on work ticket and communicates to vendor an appropriate purchase order number when purchasing job-related parts and supplies.

Customer Service

Presents a professional, positive and helpful attitude at all times when interacting with customers and co-workers.
Observes additional maintenance needs requiring attention and reports those to the appropriate supervisor.
Performs other assignments, which may not be recurring.

Positions Reporting:

Core Competencies
Maintenance Team members should be familiar with the following:

Methods, techniques, materials, tools, and equipment used in maintenance, repair and construction work.
Codes, rules, regulations, and operational procedures pertaining to the repair, maintenance and construction of City building, machines, and equipment.
Safe working methods and procedures.
Shop math applicable to the building trades.
Technical aspects of the building maintenance trades.


High School Diploma or GED.
1- 2 years Technical School preferred.
Valid State driver’s license required.

Minimum one year previous experience in facility maintenance or construction-related trade is preferred but not required.

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