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Social Influences on Health Strategist

Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division, Portland, OR

Job - Government

Close Date: 01/20/2020

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Public Health Division (PHD), Office of the State Public Health Director (OSPHD), Policy and Partnerships Unit in Portland, OR is recruiting for a Social Influences on Health Strategist to develop and execute a cohesive strategy for addressing the social determinants of health across the agency, under the framework of the Oregon State Health Improvement Plan.

Social determinants of health refer to the social, economic, and environmental conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age. These conditions significantly impact length and quality of life and are a result of racism and institutional bias, leading to health inequities. Social determinants of health work require cross-sector partnerships with business, housing, transportation, education and early childhood, land use planning and health care and social services. In order to meaningfully improve the social determinants of health and health inequities, this position must work collaboratively across the Oregon Health Authority and with state agencies and other sectors to align goals and strategies.

What will you do?
As the Social Influences on Health Strategist, you will facilitate cross-agency workgroups to organize efforts and develop work plans and metrics of achievement so that social determinants of health work are clearly aligned towards meeting agency goals.

You will work with staff in the Policy and Partnerships Unit to support and build partnerships with state agencies and other partners in order to implement social determinants of health interventions. You will build strategic partnerships to help support implementation of the State Health Improvement Plan, and agency and division strategic plans.

In this position, you will support the health care delivery and governmental public health systems in identifying and implementing strategies to address the social determinants of health in communities by sharing data, best practices and strategies from fulfillment of health-related social needs through policy development aimed at correcting historic injustices that have intentionally left marginalized communities behind. Using the expertise of program staff across the Oregon Health Authority, this position also supports strategy alignment between the Oregon Health Authority, coordinated care organizations, hospitals and local public health authorities by creating a framework and opportunities for state and local government agencies to collaboratively drive towards improvements in the social determinants of health.

What's in it for you?
You will work with a team of public health professionals who are passionate about the work they do to directly impact the lives of people experiencing health inequities in Oregon, such as communities of color, people with disabilities and other historically marginalized communities. Do you have experience developing data-driven public health policy? Do you have experience managing large-scale projects and teams? If so, we want to connect with you!

What are we looking for?
Requested Skills
• Minimum requirements: A bachelor's degree in public health, human services, social work, behavioral or social sciences, organizational development, law, education, ethnic studies, disability studies, public policy or public administration or any degree demonstrating the capacity for the knowledge and skills and four years professional-level evaluative, analytical and planning work related to public health OR any combination of experience and education equivalent to seven years of professional level evaluative, analytical and planning experience related to public health.
• Strategic planning and program management:
o Demonstrated experience converting vision, strategy, and long and medium range administrative direction to establish cross-Public Health Division policies, goals and functional requirements.
o Ability to thoughtfully develop and execute comprehensive work plans and deliverables.
o Extensive experience in and knowledge of principles and practices of large-scale project management.
• Partnership development:
o Demonstrated experience motivating partners outside of the health sector to commit to and participate in achievement of health goals.
o Strong informal leadership and management skills and ability to display collaborative work style to successfully engage stakeholders in public health policy issues.
o Experience working collaboratively across Public Health Division sections, programs and Oregon Health Authority divisions toward shared agency goals.
• Health equity and cultural responsiveness:
o Demonstration of effective delivery of culturally responsive and inclusive services, including evidence of ongoing personal development on unconscious bias, health equity, anti-racism, diversity and inclusion.
o Experience promoting a culturally competent and diverse work environment.
• Data interpretation:
o Strong understanding of data and how it informs the development of sound public health policy.
o Ability to identify and interpret appropriate data sources to be used for policy decision making.
• Communication:
o Strong facilitation, problem solving and coaching skills.
o Excellent written and oral communication skills.

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