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Behavioral Health Consultant

Clackamas County, Oregon City

Job - Government

Close Date: 07/15/2019


Clackamas County's Health Centers Division is looking to fill a Mental Health Specialist position with the County's Sunnyside Health Center in Clackamas, Oregon. The department is considering candidates meeting the Mental Health Specialist 1 or Mental Health Specialist 2 classification requirements, specifically as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).
The Mental Health Specialist 1 is the first working level in the Mental Health Specialist series. Incumbents in this class are assigned a broad range of caseloads and duties involving assessment and treatment procedures, or consisting of severe mental/emotional/behavioral disorders which require a high level of proficiency for effective treatment. Incumbents are not considered independent practitioners as they are not licensed and service/treatment plans must be approved by a licensed mental health professional.
This class differs from the higher level Mental Health Specialist 2, which is a licensed Mental Health Professional. Advancement to Mental Health Specialist 2 is predicated upon mental health licensure by a recognized governing board in Oregon. When entering as a Mental Health Specialist 1, licensure is required within 3 years of hire.
The Mental Health Specialist 2 is the advanced working level in the Mental Health Specialist series. Incumbents of this class are independent practitioners assigned a broad range of caseloads and duties involving sophisticated assessment and treatment procedures, or consisting of severe mental/emotional/behavioral addiction disorders which require a high level of proficiency for effective treatment.
This class differs from Mental Health Specialist 1 which is not a licensed Mental Health Professional. Incumbents in this class are currently licensed.
Please note: Licensure required either current or within 3 years of hire, must be as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).
This Job Posting closes at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) on Monday, July 15, 2019.
Behavioral Health Consultant (classified as a Mental Health Specialist 2) Licensed:
Annually: $73,138.17 - $92,523.18; Hourly: $35.162583 - $44.482298
Behavioral Health Consultant (classified as a Mental Health Specialist 1) Unlicensed (must have LCSW within 3 years of hire):
Annually: $60,380.30 - $7,668.96; Hourly: $29.028990 - $36.860078


In addition to competitive wages, Clackamas County offers an attractive benefits package for employees in regular status positions.
With the Clackamas County Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), you may be eligible for loan forgiveness, re-payment and scholarship opportunities through Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) and/or the Oregon Office of Rural Health (Oregon Medicaid Primary Care Loan Repayment Program). In addition, there may be options for loan forgiveness while working with a government/public agency with the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program.
This is a full time County position represented by the Employees' Association


Clackamas County Health Centers - Behavioral Health Clinics is looking for a motivated and experienced, licensed mental health professional to join the Patient Centered Medical Home team as a Behavioral Health Consultant (classified as a Mental Health Specialist 2). This position will provide a variety of advanced level professional treatment services to primary care clinic patients at the Sunnyside Health & Wellness Center located in Clackamas, OR.

The primary role will be to work with and provide behavioral and mental health support to a team of primary care providers including PCPs and CMAs, and refer patients to ongoing mental health services as needed.

Candidates should have the ability to adopt an integrated system of care philosophy and understand the principles of self determination and patient-centered planning techniques for all populations served as well as have knowledge of mental health, legal, medical and social resources in the community. Successful candidates will have thorough knowledge of the methods and techniques of case management and care coordination related to patients who need help with behavior change around medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and chronic pain. They will also be able to manage a large number of patient contacts during a clinic day, including scheduled appointments and immediate or walk-in referrals from providers, including risk management. The ideal candidate will not only have post-graduate mental health experience as a licensed clinician, but addictions experience as well.

Required Minimum Qualifications/ Transferrable Skills:*
• Must be a Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP)** as established by the State of Oregon Mental Health Division
• Must have State of Oregon licensure as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Note: will consider applicants within 3 years of LCSW licensure
• Post-graduate clinical experience in a mental health treatment setting
• Knowledge of mental health, substance abuse, legal, medical and social resources in the community
• Must successfully pass credentialing process
• Must successfully pass a post-offer criminal history check, which may include national or state fingerprint records check
• Must successfully pass a post-offer, pre-employment drug test
• Driving may be necessary for County business. Possession of a valid driver’s license or an acceptable alternative method of transportation is required for occasional/incidental driving. Accommodation requests for an acceptable alternative method of transportation will be reviewed on an individual basis in compliance with State and Federal legislation. Specific information on the County's driving policy can be found at Driving and Vehicle Policy (EPP 52) .
Preferred Special Qualifications/ Transferrable Skills:*
• Spanish/English bilingual skills
• Experience providing addiction treatment and services
** A ”Qualified Mental Health Professional" (QMHP) means a Licensed Medical Provider or any other person meeting one or more of the following minimum qualifications as authorized by the Local Mental Health Authority or designee:
• Bachelor’s degree in nursing and licensed by the State of Oregon;
• Bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy and licensed by the State of Oregon;
• Graduate degree in psychology;
• Graduate degree in social work;
• Graduate degree in recreational, art, or music therapy; or
• Graduate degree in a behavioral science field.
QMHPs must demonstrate the ability to conduct an assessment, including identifying precipitating events, gathering histories of mental and physical health, alcohol and other drug use, past mental health services and criminal justice contacts, assessing family, cultural, social and work relationships, and conducting a mental status examination, complete a five axis DSM diagnosis, write and supervise the implementation of a ISSP and provide individual, family or group therapy within the scope of their training.
*For Veterans qualified for Veteran’s Preference: If you believe you have skills that would transfer well to this position and/or special qualifications that relate to this position, please list those skills and/or qualifications in the open-ended question at the end of the application and explain how those skills and/or qualifications relate to this position.


• Provide individual treatment, group therapy, case management, care coordination, skills training, and education groups applying evidence based strategies such as Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Pain Management, Acceptance and Commitment. Therapy, mindfulness, stress reduction, and relaxation techniques, regular urinalysis testing, recovery and relapse prevention planning, and pain education.
• Be available for warm hand-offs from Primary Care Providers (PCPs) to meet with patients showing need for behavioral/mental health interventions including assessment of risk and service needs and relays this information back to providers and accurately document the interaction.
• Works as a consultant or trainer to staff, other individuals, other agency personnel, interested community groups or staff at institutions; provides mental health and chemical dependency education and training to other staff, outside professionals, family members and the community; may represent the agency on internal or external committees as appropriate; may act as liaison for specific projects or contract services.
• Works as a key member of a diagnostic team consisting of PCPs, CMAs, and other mental health and primary care professionals ; makes referrals to other community clinics, agencies, or care facilities; reviews client status, diagnosis, evaluations, treatment plans, treatment objectives and outcomes with diagnostic team, supervisors and other health care professionals as appropriate; provides case - specific consultation to other staff members, providers, families and/or community agencies; provides clinical consultation to students and volunteers.


Knowledge of: Rules, laws, regulations, and ethics governing the treatment of medical patients across the life span and patients and their families; principles and techniques of interviewing, counseling and crisis intervention; agency services and criteria for eligibility; mental health, legal, medical and social resources in the community; standard clinical documentation procedures and requirements; legal process regarding voluntary and involuntary treatment/commitment.
Thorough Knowledge of: Accepted principles and theories of human behavior, personality and development, and social interaction and development across the life span and with understanding of an ethnically and culturally diverse population; methods and techniques of case management and care coordination and social interaction and development related to patients who need help with behavior change.
Ability to: Adopt "systems of care" philosophy and principles of self determination and person-centered planning techniques for all populations served; ability to assess and intervene quickly in a fast-paced clinic environment; develop and implement patient plans and monitor progress toward established treatment goals; communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in written form; work effectively with clinical team members; follow agency specific record keeping procedures, including ability to work within an electronic clinical documentation system; conduct person centered plans.
Skill to: Diagnose mental health disorders across the life span; gather information through research and interviews with applicants, clients, families, care providers and others and to apply comprehensive social service evaluation and assessment methods to identify consumer needs.

Incumbents work with varied socioeconomic groups, the mentally ill, the developmentally disabled, alcohol and substance abusing clients and their families.
This position works 40 hours during a standard workweek of Monday through Friday.
Specific hours of work will be discussed with the candidate selected for this position at the time an offer of employment is extended.
Sunnyside Clinic Hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 7pm.
Clackamas County is in a prime location in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area and is recognized nationally as one of the most livable areas in the United States. Located on the southern edge of the City of Portland and extending to the top of Mt. Hood, Clackamas County is part of a thriving region in the Northwest. It has a population of about 400,000 citizens.

Clackamas County Health Centers provide direct medical, dental, and mental health services to Clackamas County residents.
We provide services at our Integrated Primary Health Care Clinics, our mental health clinics, or through our School Based Health Centers.

Clackamas County only accepts online applications.
Clackamas County does not offer visa sponsorships. Within three days of hire, applicants will be required to complete an I-9 and confirm authorization to work in the United States.
Clackamas County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We value diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential elements that create and foster a welcoming workplace. All qualified persons will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, political affiliation, disability or any other factor unrelated to the essential functions of the job.
If you wish to identify yourself as a qualified person with a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act and would like to request an accommodation, please address the request to the Department of Human Resources prior to the recruitment close date. You may request an accommodation during the online application process.


If selected as a final candidate, you will be required to submit all State Professional Licenses/Certificates, DEA, National Board Certifications, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), BLS level CPR, and degrees (as applicable). Credentialing and Provider Enrollment processes will be completed prior to hire with the help of our Health Centers Credentialing team.

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