Job Details

Governor Kate Brown's Scheduler and Personal Assistant

State of Oregon Office of the Governor, Salem

Job - Government

Close Date: 10/13/2019

What you will do

As the Scheduler and Personal Assistant to the Governor you will play a critical role in serving as the guardian of the Governor’s time and access. You will develop procedures for screening and evaluating requests for the Governor’s time to ensure a consistent review of solicitations and invitations. You will also have the opportunity to:

Develop an effective scheduling strategy that reflects the Governor’s management style and supports and advances the administration’s policy, program goals, priorities and smooth operation of the office.
Effectively and respectfully communicate on behalf of the Governor with a diverse audience of stakeholders which include agency heads, elected officials, legislators, business leaders, local government officials, and lobbyists;
Organize and run scheduling team meetings. Final decisions on scheduling requests are made by the Chief of Staff in consultation with the scheduling team;
Collaborate and maintain constant contact with the Governor and many different staff members, including the Governor’s Dignitary Protection Unit (DPU), to ensure the smooth flow of the daily schedule;
Serve in a supervisory role overseeing the day-to-day operations and duties of other members of the Governor’s administrative team;
Anticipate and identify potential issues and correct or resolve when possible;
Ensure the Governor has daily briefing packets containing meeting or event memos and pertinent information related to upcoming meetings or events;
Work closely with the communications team on formal remarks for events and speeches;
Draft, edit and finalize correspondence on behalf of the Governor;
Arrange all travel for the Governor, working closely with DPU and assigned staffer responsible for doing advance work for the trip to coordinate logistics and make travel arrangements.
What’s in it for you?

Exciting opportunity to work closely with the Governor and staff at the highest levels of state government.
Work in a dynamic environment providing critical and timely support.
Work in tandem with passionate professionals who care about making Oregon a place where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.
What are we looking for?

Seasoned professional with experience supporting a chief executive.
Ability to multi-task across numerous projects while providing timely and quality work.
Exceptional communication skills with a diverse group of co-workers and external people. (Many people want the Governor’s time, and you will need to be good at saying “no” while maintaining excellent relationships.)
Strong, high-level scheduling skills using Microsoft Outlook.
Strategic thinker who is able to creatively approach and resolve challenges.
Adept situational awareness understanding when to lead assertively and when cooperation is required.
Strong organizational skills and exceptional attention to detail.
Self-directed and collaborative leader.
Ability to exercise discretion, be confidential, loyal and use mature judgement.
Maintain a sense of calm despite the situation or circumstances.
Application Guidelines/Contact:

1. Submit a resume that clearly demonstrates your experience and/or education to meet the needs of the position.

2. Submit a cover letter describing your interest, why you want to work in the Governor’s Office, and how you will be successful on the job. No more than two pages.

Complete details: