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Head Chef

Caldera, Sisters, OR

Job - Non-Profit

Close Date: 03/31/2019

Position Title: Head Chef
Supervisor: Camp Manager
Salary/Rate of Pay: $130-150/day depending on experience with Caldera
Room and board provided during days with programming; room only during non-programming days. (Non-programing days are July 16th, July 28th-29th, And August 9th-10th. A light dinner will be provided on staff arrival days. Brunch is served on the last day of each session).

Location: This is a seasonal position at our Arts Center (31500 Blue Lake Drive, Sisters, OR 97756)

Must be available on the following dates and times to start each session:
Arrive between 4:00-5:00 pm July 10* to prep for Staff Training July 12-15
Arrive between 1:00-2:00 pm July 17* for the Immersion 1 session July 18-27
Arrive between 4:00-5:00 pm July 30* for the Immersion 2 session July 31-Aug 8
Arrive between 4:00-5:00 pm Aug 11* for the Discovery session Aug 12-19
*Indicates half day compensation

Choose one or more sessions; placement is dependent on availability & scheduling
(must be available for all dates in session(s) chosen)
Immersion: July 18-27 Session for 11th-12th graders
Immersion 2: July 31 - August 8 Session for 9th-10th graders
Discovery: August 12-19 Session for 7th-8th graders

Schedule Overview:
Kitchen Set-Up July 10 (arrive by 5pm)
Staff Training July 12-15 - 4 days (provide meals for 40-60 adults and participate in training)
Immersion 1 July 18-27 (approx. 60 youth, 50 adults)
Immersion 2 July 31-Aug 8 (approx. 60 youth, 50 adults)
Discovery August 12-19 (approx. 60 youth, 50 adults)

Position Overview: At Caldera, the kitchen staff is a very important part of the Caldera Community and is welcome to participate in daily program activities when kitchen duties are complete. Head Chef, Sous Chef, and five Kitchen Assistants maintain Caldera's kitchen. Kitchen staff prepare meals that are healthy, delicious, and appealing to both youth and adults. The Head Chef oversees six staff and is responsible for food preparation as well as maintaining a friendly, sanitary kitchen and dining space. This position manages the food budget (approximately $23,000), purchasing, meal planning, staff oversight and scheduling for the Sous Chef and five assistants, and on-the-job training for all kitchen staff. The Head Chef ensures that Caldera meals meet Federal Summer Food Service Program meal requirements. This position begins before youth and staff arrive.

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