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Fiscal Coordinator 1

Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Job - Education

Close Date: 05/17/2019

This recruitment will be used to fill one full-time Fiscal Coordinator 1 position for the Agricultural Sciences and Marine Sciences Business Center at Oregon State University (OSU).

The Agricultural Sciences and Marine Sciences Business Center(AMBC) is
responsible for providing financial, administrative and human resource services to the College of Agricultural Sciences(CAS) and the Hatfield Marine Science Center(HMSC).

This position provides AMBC wide support in the development and implementation of policies and procedure in accordance with GAAP and GASB. It plays a critical role by providing highly complex fiscal functions, analysis, projections, interpretation of policy, budget management, and financial solutions to the deans of the College of Agricultural Science, the directors of the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) and Cooperative Institute for Marine Resource Studies, unit heads, and AMBC management.
Position Duties

30% Budget Analysis
- Work under the direction of and in collaboration with the CAS Finance Coordinator(CAS FC) to prepare, submit, and monitor budgets for funds and programs within the College of Agricultural Sciences, with an emphasis on Education and General(E&G), Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) and Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Extension Program (AGES ) funds.

- As directed by the CAS FC, work in maintaining and executing the College of Agricultural Sciences’ budget model, including maintenance of the FTE list and FTE budget changes, other budget allocations and pending budget changes.
- Implement deans’ budget decisions as communicated by the CAS FC or Business Center Manager.

- Communicate budgetary and financial information to the Business Center Management as requested.

- Monitor and ensure the communication of income and expenditure budgets, results, and forecasts to AMBC managers. Determine and communicate to management causative factors to variance expenditure trends. Formulate and recommend corrective action and/or required policy changes.
- Produce budget projection reports per OSU requirements and consistent with legislative requirements.
- Conduct financial analyses requested by college administrators and AMBC managers to investigate and make recommendations regarding special issues.
25%: Fiscal Management

- Interpret University and agency guidelines and policies, and act independently to determine the correct application of these guidelines to accounts.
- Work independently and in AMBC focus groups to create policies and procedures for implementation, execution, and review/audit of the fiscal operation. Assist in the implementation of OSU and AMBC policies and procedures across the business center.

- Forecast fiscal needs and conduct special studies to research and/or justify fiscal requests/needs. Forecast and analyze revenue and expenditure trends.
- Prepare/compile and provide a variety of fiscal reports, utilizing the University’s financial information systems.
- Work in collaboration with the CAS FC in advising AMBC managers in the fiscal management of units.
- Maintain fiscal statistical information for the College of Agricultural Sciences and communicate such information to administrators and unit heads as requested by the Business Center Manager.
- Support the CAS FC & BCM in responding to audit requests.
20% Accounting Coordination
- Review CAS unit expenditures, and budget change requests for accuracy. Approve budget change journal entries.
- Organize, coordinate and monitor year-end procedures. Prepare necessary payables and receivables journal entries for year-end close.
- Work with CAS FC to estimate, analyze, and ensure reconciliation of multiple funding sources such as returned overhead (ROH), E-Campus & Summer Session, research equipment reserve funds (RERF),BUC funds, etc. Communicate current information to AMBC management, and AMBC accountants.
- Review/Approve activity code requests from unit accountants via on-line OACIS program. Audit Banner entry/request corrections; notify units when available to use.

- Act as backup to the CAS FC as Chart of accounts administrator
• Identify needed changes in accounting systems and work with the CAS FC to request changes in accounting elements such as funds, organization codes, activity codes, etc. Provide help/advice with filing request appropriately.
• Prepare FOAPAL elements request for new/terminating indexes/program codes as required.
• Serve as liaison between AMBC and Budget Office for additional questions/informational requirements.

15% Grants and Contracts/State Funds Administration

- Reviews terms and conditions of awarded grants, contracts or other departmental fund sources and serves as technical information resource to researchers and principal investigators (PI). Ensures cost-share and all reporting requirements are met under a variety of grant funded projects.
- Confers with Office for Sponsored Research and Award Administration (OSRAA), or external funding agencies to clarify rules and guidelines, explaining compliance requirements to PI and staff as necessary.
- Ensures integrity and conformance to applicable standards of grant/contract implementation, execution, and closing.
- Reviews and verifies indexes for accuracy, ensuring audit trail requirements are met. Reconciles transaction; tracks errors and make corrections; balances accounts; reviews purchasing documents for appropriateness and faculty approvals. Prepares and enters journal vouchers (journal entries) into accounting system. Allocates charges and credits, assigns account codes, makes payroll corrections, and projected distributions and ensures expenditure compliance over the duration of the award period.
- Provides current and historical budget data; compares current account balances with budget limits and prepares reports; makes adjustments to budget accounts according to established procedures and in accordance with agency contracts and agreements.
- Reports financial status and project status to principal investigators monthly and when needed. Compiles additional reports as requested.
- Works closely with OSRAA on closing grant/contract activities.

- Final approver on accounts payable invoices up to $100K; reviews invoices, checks for PI approval, appropriateness to award, verifies account codes and funds available.
- Reviews quarterly Personnel Activity Reports (PAR) for accuracy and coordinates distribution via DocuSign software. Amends PAR to correctly reflect effort of personnel.
5% Fiscal Training/Communication

- Work under the direction of the CAS FC in providing fiscal training to AMBC staff, and branch station personnel. Training includes budget reporting and management and the administration of fiscal policies and procedures. Training and communication may be either in person, by telephone, by video conferencing, and/or written form.
- Communicate complex financial information to accountants and non- accountants in a cordial and nonthreatening manner.
5% Cash Management
- The College of Agricultural Science receives an operating budget of restricted and unrestricted funds that are comprised of state general funds, formula grant awards, sales of research byproducts, fees from services, sponsored research, and foundation funds. CAS cash balances must be monitored internally and independent action taken to monitor and control income and spending in various cash asset accounts to assure compliance with state and federal laws, OSU requirements and other regulations and rules that govern the funds.
- Expenditures and income are analyzed and projections are prepared to estimate the cash balances at year end to avoid overspending and maintain an acceptable cash reserve. Federal formula funds are requested in accordance with federal requirements and OSU cash management guidelines.

- Work closely & under the direction of the CAS FC in managing the College’s cash assets, developing options, making recommendations to management, and then implementing plans to maintain fund balances at appropriate levels

5% Other Duties

- Meet with and assist persons from within and outside the unit and the AMBC on various fiscal matters.
- Perform miscellaneous duties as requested by AMBC Management.
- Serve as fiscal liaison between College of Agricultural Science, central administration, and other units on campus.
- Work with CAS FC in responding to financial issues with internal and external customers.
Minimum Qualifications

A Bachelor’s degree with 24 quarter (16 semester) hours of accounting courses and two years of accounting experience*; OR a CPA or PA certificate and two years of accounting experience*; OR 24 quarter (16 semester) or 240 clock hours of accounting courses and three years of accounting experience*.

*Accounting experience must include at least 6 of the following: documenting and resolving problems within an accounting system; classifying revenues and expenditures to funds and accounts; ensuring accounting system conforms with applicable controls; reconciling accounts to general or control ledgers; preparing journal vouchers; applying accounting principles to one or more functional areas; i.e., AR, AP, etc.,: tracing errors through accounting system; processing data using a computer; communicating technical material orally and in writing; applying computer report information; knowledge of governmental and fund accounting; applying PC spreadsheet, database, and word processing software.

All courses must be from accredited colleges, universities, or private vocational schools.

Transcripts must be submitted for all required and/or related courses.
Additional Required Qualifications

Advanced ability to perform fiscal analysis and forecasting.

Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.

On your application, be specific in addressing your training and/or experience to the areas listed in the minimum qualifications.

This position is designated as a critical or security-sensitive position; therefore, the incumbent must successfully complete a Criminal History Check and be determined to be position qualified as per OSU Standard 576- 055-0000 et seq. Incumbents are required to self-report convictions and those in Youth Programs may have additional Criminal History Checks every 24 months.
Preferred (Special) Qualifications

Master of Business Administration.

Knowledge of GAAP, OMB Circulars, Cost Accounting Standards, governmental accounting.

Experience and demonstrated ability at an advanced level with Microsoft Excel
Experience with FIS and HR Banner, FIS and HR Data Warehouse and Nolij.

A demonstrable commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity.

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