Job Details

Social Service Specialist 2

State of Oregon, Department of Human Services, Medford

Job - Government

Close Date: 12/09/2018

This is what you will be doing:
Consultation, Directing, Coaching, Analyzing, Problem Solving: •Assists the Self Sufficiency leadership in the guidance of direct service staff by: Coaching and mentoring Family Coaches working with high-risk families. Provides direction for case planning, deployment and implementation of intervention strategies and barrier resolution.
•Providing instruction, demonstrating skills, and observing skill levels, behaviors, areas of development, and strengths of direct service staff, and providing feedback to supervisor and employee concerning performance.
•Auditing and reviewing program services and case file documentation relative to customer assessments and evaluations to determine the appropriateness of coaching strategies, customer activities and case management approaches. Provides consultation to the management team regarding program practices, customer activities, support services, and staff training.
•Reviewing cases, as requested, prior to re-engagement meetings and administrative hearings to ensure appropriate services have been offered/provided to customers.
•Conducting and participating in case staffing which includes facilitating staffing meetings for high-risk cases which may involve customers, Family Coaches, contracted staff, and community partners to review planning outcomes and supportive resources to achieve results.
•Providing case consultation and individual staff support regarding the assessment of disabling conditions and development of coaching plans; initiating and supporting customers' ability to participate in activities leading to self-sufficiency; and to assure division policies, federal and state regulations, time frames, and an acceptable standard of social work practice are met and maintained. Verifies provision of proper services based on client needs, screenings, assessments and evaluations.
•Modeling strength-based techniques and practice of motivational interviewing
•Modeling trauma informed care concepts and coaching staff on practice associated with trauma informed concepts.
•Coaching on building relationships while modeling the practice.

Improving Customer Services
Works collaboratively with Family Coaches to better serve at-risk families to identify issues, develop service plans, and refer to appropriate resources.1.Provides specialized knowledge and skills for high risk families relative to branch self-sufficiency plans including family stability strategies and child abuse prevention activities. Works in partnership with field staff and community resources to provide a wide range of specialized services to high risk and multi-barriered families.
2.Provides coaching and guidance for Family Coaches to create a community of practice which focuses on: 1.Ability to engage the customer
2.Development of the helping relationships
3.Comprehensive child and family assessments
4.Effective development of a coaching plan for the family
5.Essential casework activities designed to facilitate change
6.Review and evaluation of customer progress
7.Identification of individual staff or office issues affecting customer services

3.In order to provide consultation to staff, may interview individuals and families to assess the extent of the family problems. Provides direction and planning strategies to agency staff to develop service plans for families: identifying individual family members' needs, services to be provided, activities to occur and timeframes for each. Insures that referrals to contract staff or community resources for appropriate services are completed.
4.Acts as liaison to assigned community agencies and service organizations, assuring that referral and case review activities are satisfactorily maintained, anticipating potential general and case-specific problem areas and making recommendations for their remedy.
5.Provides technical assistance to direct service staff by demonstrating the provision of a variety of direct customer activities such as individual and group techniques/services on a time limited basis to model best practices for Family Coaches.
6.Provide coaching to agency staff where it is needed, this may include accompanying staff to offsite visits, such as; a home visit, public area, other agency, etc

Staff Training – 1.Organizes, co-ordinates, and provides training relative to screening and assessment, strength identification, service planning, coaching and motivation strategies and other approaches for engaging customers in activities related to family stability and employment.
2.Observes agency staff performance and recommends actions for improving or enhancing job skills. Provides individual tutoring to agency staff in specific areas as assigned by the branch leadership or requested by staff.
3.Serves as liaison with Central Office trainers and program consultants as needed by providing training to agency staff as identified.

Complete details: Social Service Specialist 2/Engagement Specialist New