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Contract Specialist

Multnomah County Health Department, Portland, OR

Job - Government

Close Date: 12/04/2019


The Contract Specialist provides Business Operations and the Health Department with contract management coordination between various operating programs to ensure proper processing, tracking and procurement of contracts for services and supplies meeting required County standards.

As the Contracts Specialist you will:

Gather the necessary programmatic details required to generate compliant, legally sufficient procurement and contractual documentation;
Create required procurement and contracting documents that serve as a foundation for all contracting actions in the ERP suite of technology resulting in contracts;
Generate documents (letters, memos, forms, procurement documents, contract documents, etc.) with express purpose of translating programmatic desires and requirements into legally sufficient documentation detailing the procurement and contractual aspects of the department;
Deal with problem solving on a daily basis. Questions raised by providers, program staff, fiscal staff, county attorney, contract compliance, purchasing and department management are significant driver of workload.
Diversity and Inclusion: As a Health Department employee you will contribute to a work culture of respect, trust and understanding for the highly diverse populations the Health Department serves in the office and in the community. Every employee shares the responsibility for promptly bringing to the County's attention conduct that interferes with providing a work environment free of illegal discrimination and harassment.

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