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Asbestos Compliance and Solid Waste Compliance Specialist (Natural Resource Specialist 3)

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, Portland, Oregon

Job - Government

Close Date: 08/22/2019

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality currently has an opening for a full-time Asbestos Compliance and Solid Waste Compliance Specialist (Natural Resource Specialist 3) position in Portland, Oregon.

What you will do!
The Northwest Region Environmental Partnerships Section carries out the asbestos abatement program requirements, materials management/solid waste permitting, inspection, complaint response, and technical assistance requirements and hazardous waste management requirements. As part of this section, you will work half time on asbestos program requirements and half time on materials management/solid waste requirements:

Asbestos (50%)
– Ensure that asbestos removal and abatement is done properly prior to building renovation or demolition activities and meets applicable federal and state requirements
– Ensure that contractors and workers engaged in asbestos abatement are licensed and/or certified
– Inspect projects to make sure that asbestos-containing waste materials are being removed, handled and disposed of properly
– Determine compliance and when violations are identified, making enforcement recommendations to address compliance issues
– Propose corrective action strategies for building owners, contractors and disposal facility operators to safely manage asbestos-containing materials
– Provide technical assistance and education and outreach concerning asbestos to disposal sites, building owners, the public, asbestos contractors, other agencies and others within DEQ verbally and in writing through email, phone conversations, meetings
– Investigate and resolve complaints concerning asbestos using agency policies and procedures
– Coordinate and exchange information with other agencies as needed; and
– Participate in agency rule-making and guidance development; provide recommendations to make improvements, regulatory changes, develop guidance or take other actions to make sure that asbestos is managed safely in Oregon

Materials Management/Solid Waste Management (50%)
– Review applications and draft solid waste permits for transfer stations, material recovery facilities, waste tire storage and combo facilities, solid waste treatment facilities, waste conversion facilities, compost operations and closed landfills
– Provide technical assistance on solid waste disposal, solid waste management, composting, and materials management
– Provide information and guidance regarding rules and technical requirements for the public and the regulated community
– Conduct site visits, inspections, and investigations; review, collect or compile monitoring data; verify data submittals from responsible parties and other data sources
– Respond to and resolve complaints, investigate illegal disposal of solid waste and determining appropriate compliance and enforcement action as needed

What's in it for you?
The opportunity to join a dynamic team of mission-focused individuals tasked with providing high-quality environmental data needed for understanding and protecting Oregon's air, land and water quality. Put your creative problem-solving and analytical skills to great use helping to keep Oregon green. We offer full medical, dental and vision health benefits with paid sick leave, vacation, personal leave and 10 paid holidays a year. If you are employed by a government or not-for-profit organization, you may be able to receive loan forgiveness under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF). Learn more to see whether you qualify at PSLF Program. If you are passionate about Oregon's environment and have experience with asbestos removal or writing solid waste permits or inspecting solid waste businesses, apply today!

This is a full-time, non-exempt, AFSCME represented position.
This recruitment may be used to fill limited duration and/or permanent future vacancies.

What are we looking for:?
– Asbestos-related work, including interpreting rules, regulations, laws, agency guidance and procedures regarding asbestos-containing waste management and disposal or other environmental requirements.
– Excellent verbal communication skills.
– Interpreting environmental rules, regulations, laws, agency guidance and procedures.
– Conducting inspections of industrial and commercial businesses and making regulatory determinations for compliance with local, state or federal regulatory requirements.
– Applying project management methods, techniques, and principles.
– Researching complex issues and problems and proposing solutions.
– Basic understanding of the principles of air, water and waste pollution control.
– Ability to deal diplomatically with angry or hostile people.
– Ability to work well with other staff, regulators and professionals outside the program.
– Writing clearly and concisely.
– Serving on technical committees to evaluate environmental issues or provide advice regarding policy, guidance or rule development.
– Demonstrated ability to utilize Microsoft Office software including Word and Excel, manage databases and create reports and queries, and utilize electronic filing and recordkeeping.
– Presenting complex technical data to audiences not familiar with the material.
– Representing an agency or organization in project groups, advisory committees or policy teams.
– Required Minimum Qualifications: Three (3) years of experience in physical science, environmental science or closely related natural resource field. At least one (1) year of your natural resource or environmental experience must be at a technical or professional level performing activities in a natural resource or environmental program such as researching and analyzing data; conducting investigations; applying pertinent laws and regulations; or coordinating and monitoring project activities; AND a Bachelor’s degree in a physical science, environmental science or a closely related natural resource field –OR– three (3) years of related, pertinent experience.
– Education note (regarding Required Minimum Qualifications):
– A Master's degree in physical science, environmental science or a closely related natural resource field will substitute for up to one (1) year of the required experience.
– A Doctorate degree in physical science, environmental science or closely related natural resource field will substitute for up to two (2) years of the required experience.

How to Apply:
– To apply for this position, please follow the “Apply” link above and complete the online application and all supplemental questions.
– Be sure to attach your resume and cover letter at the beginning of your application process.
– Complete questionnaire.
– After you submit your application, be sure to respond to the Public Records Request authorization. This step comes after you have clicked submit on your application. Military Veterans: This is where you will complete your request for veterans' preference points.
– ***IMPORTANT*** Please be sure to attach a resume and cover letter.

Veterans Information:
DEQ provides veterans’ preference points to all eligible veterans. For more information, please go here:

Questions/Need Help?
If you have questions about the recruitment or need assistance to participate in the application process, please contact Maddy Ouye, Human Resources Analyst, at or (503) 229-5107.

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