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Environmental Compliance Supervisor

City of Salem, Salem Oregon

Job - Government

Close Date: 09/23/2019

Public Works is looking for candidates to be the Field Supervisor to lead the Environmental Services section. The Environmental Services section ensures compliance with Salem's industrial pretreatment requirements and NPDES sanitary permit. The successful candidate will have responsibility for investigating and assessing violations, implementing enforcement activities including issuing legal citations, notices of violation, administrative orders, determining and levying civil penalties, and making recommendations for criminal prosecution.

Some key duties of this position include:•Implementing the federal pretreatment program.
•Overseeing industry permits and renewals, and providing annual reports.
•Managing spill response for non-hazardous and biological materials from accidents, spills, or dumping into the storm and sanitary sewers, waterways, public property or the right of way.
•Managing the RCRA Hazardous Waste program, including billing for spillers.
•Establishing and managing goals for the surface water quality program, including staffing, funding, and requirements to remain compliant with NPDES permits.
•Maintaining files and/or processing correspondence and proofing.
•Utilizing and understanding GIS system and similar data management software.
•Independent decision making, while ensuring to meet deadlines.
What are the minimum qualifications? •Must pass the pre-employment background check.
•Must have valid driver's license and meet the City of Salem's driving standards.
•Completion of two-year Associate's college degree in engineering, business management, ecology, hydrology, wastewater management, or other related field (preference may be given to candidates with a Bachelor's degree in Science), and four years of lead work or supervisory experience related to industrial pretreatment programs, or any combination of experience and training that demonstrate possession of the knowledge, skills and abilities as listed, and ability to perform the examples of work. Preference will be given to candidates that demonstrate knowledge of the Clean Water Act and pretreatment requirements in Oregon on their application.
Special Licenses or Certifications

Specifically for this assignment, candidates will need to have, maintain and/or acquire these certifications within 6 months of employment:•HazWoper Certification is required.
•Reserve Police Officer status is required.
The following certifications are desirable:•A valid Cross Connection Certification.
•Wastewater Collection Certification.
•Incident command certification.
•HazMat tech/specialist certification.
Where can I find out more about the position?

Go to the menu option for Class Specifications to search for Public Works Field Supervisor or view by clicking here.

How can I apply?

Click on the green "Apply" button to complete your application. Make sure that you specify how you meet the qualifications outlined in the class specification and complete the application.

Applicants that meet the minimum qualifications as outlined above but not selected for this position may be placed on an eligibility list, and candidates may be hired from the list. Eligibility lists are valid for six months. The City will send email notifications to eligible candidates about potential hiring opportunities so please ensure your email settings accept our system generated email notifications.

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