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PERS Payroll Finance Specialist 2

Multnomah County, Southeast Portland

Job - Government

Close Date: 11/13/2019

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As the Finance Specialist 2 PERS with the Department of County Management your roles will include:

Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) reporting for all Multnomah County employees.

Report all County employee hours, wages, six-percent pickup and demographics information using the WEB based system EDX (Employer Data Exchange).

Research and complete PERS disability information, salary breakdown, salary certification, employer data verification, and unused sick leave requests.

Analyze employee hours to determine PERS eligibility.

Perform semi-annual PERS interface and EDX reconciliation.

Input and validate employee benefit tier, prior period adjustments, correction checks and worker’s comp supplemental wage records in EDX.

Review hours of retired employees to ensure they do not exceed the calendar year hour limit.

Calculate/report USERRA qualifying wages/retirement contributions.

Act as PERS liaison between Multnomah County and State of Oregon PERS office.

Conduct research requests from PERS, current and former County employees.

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