Job Details

Facility Administrator - Estuesta/Valeo

Luke-Dorf, Portland

Job - Non-Profit

Close Date: 06/30/2020

Who We Are:
Luke-Dorf, Inc. is a private, non-profit community mental health agency that provides services for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. Luke-Dorf, Inc. is a licensed provider of mental health and alcohol and drug treatment services in both Washington and Multnomah Counties. Our network of supportive programs is designed to maximize each individual's self-determination, independence and stability. With a focus on Recovery and Community Integration, we are committed to individualized, strength-based treatment, utilizing a variety of evidence-based practices and innovative models.

Position Purpose:
The Facility Administrator is the individual designated by the licensee as responsible for the daily operation and maintenance of both Estuesta and Valeo houses. Oversees the operation of two residential programs. Acts as administrator for the facility within the context of the Oregon Administrative Rules. Performs personnel and administrative functions. Facility Administrators play a key role in the efficient operation of the program. They assure quality care for consumers and the maintenance of the house. Sanitation and safety ensure efficiency. Public relations allows for new and continued interest and support for Luke-Dorf, Inc. programs.


Quality Assurance/Improvement
- Provides individual supervision with residential employees and house managers at minimum bi-weekly.
- Completes annual performance reviews of house managers.
- Reviews and monitors medication protocol.

- Practices cost containment (in overtime, purchasing, etc.)
- Will be onsite at least 20 hours per week per RTH or RTF supervised to perform administrative duties. Will delegate administrative duties to House Manager or Residential Program Manager when the Facility Administrator is unable to meet this requirement.
- Practices resource utilization.
- Manages duties within appropriate time frames.
- Demonstrates organizational ability.
- Maintains program records and data banks in compliance with applicable OAR’s.
- Ensures that sprinkler systems will be tested annually. Maintains documentation on site of all tests.
- Ensures fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and alarms will be maintained in accordance with Fire Code. Maintains documentation of all testing on site.
- Assures unannounced fire evacuation drills are completed at least once per month. At least once every 3 months drill will be conducted during resident sleeping hours. All fire safety and building equipment will be checked each month.
- Maintains personnel records in accordance with applicable OAR’s.
- Ensures that all staff that have contact with residents have criminal records clearance, TB test results, Hepatitis B status within 14 days of employment.
- Ensures all employees have completed 16 hours pre-service orientation to include training on infectious diseases, OAR’s, review of facility rules, policies and procedures and other requirements of the Oregon Administrative Rules
- Provides and tracks required annual training hours for all regularly scheduled employees.
- Assures an adequate number of employees are available at all times to meet the treatment, health and safety needs of the residents.
- Assures that all employees are trained in employee safety procedures prior to beginning their first regular shift.
- Maintains resident records in accordance with applicable OAR’s.
- Coordinates facility entries and service conclusions.
- Responsible for each component of the entry process from information gathering to decision making process. Responsible for setting up screenings from appropriate referrals.
- Responsible for creating a comprehensive residential service plan within 30 days of new entry in compliance with applicable OAR’s. RSP will include all treatment area needs and will be developed with clear measurable objectives and goals.
- Records on prescribed medications and health needs will be completed as specified in OAR 309-035-0440(RTF) and 309-035 -0175 (RTH).
- Trains all employees on new or modified existing policies and procedures as developed by the Residential Program Manager.

Program Leadership
- Responsible for employee retention/recruitment.
- Provides and maintains documentation of employee development of at least 8 hours annually.
- Utilizes performance improvement as discussed in Residential Team Meetings or Agency trainings.
- Ensures internal and external consumer satisfaction.

House Management
- Liaises with pharmacy, prescribers, physicians, neighbors, county and state officials.
- Ensures adequate program supplies.
- Collaborates with all individuals involved in treatment to include family members.
- Actively works to maintain full occupancy and to ensure payment.
- Conducts program entry’s and service conclusions. Ensures all paperwork is completed and corresponding documentation is attached and filed appropriately.
- Leads scheduled resident and employee meetings. Resident meetings are to be held at a minimum of bi-weekly; employee meetings are monthly. Responsible for obtaining signatures on all meeting notes.
- Dispenses individual funds.
- Manages household necessities (food, toiletries, etc.)
- Responsible for health and sanitation at facility. Follows up and reviews bi-weekly safety and sanitation checklists.
- Ensures that the facility is well-maintained. Submits and follows up on any maintenance requests.
- Responsible for food purchasing. Ensures adequate supplies of staple foods for a minimum of one week and perishable foods for a minimum of two days will be maintained on the premises.
- Utilizes resources from Food Bank at least once per month.
- Assures all meals are planned and served in accordance with the recommended dietary allowances found in the United States Dept. of Agriculture Food Guide Pyramid.
- Ensures the grounds of the home are kept orderly and reasonably free of litter, unused articles, and refuse.
- Responsible for assuring that all residents are offered medical attention when needed.

Other General Expectations:
- Attends and positively participate in required meetings.
- Complies with all Oregon Administrative Rules pertaining to the operation of a residential program.
- Pursues ongoing development in the area of mental illness. Will attend Luke-Dorf, Inc. trainings.
- Follows all corporate polices, procedures, and protocols.
- Complies with all Luke-Dorf, Inc. safety rules and regulation. Reports to Supervisor all workplace hazards, injuries, and illnesses, no matter how minor.
- Maintains a clean and organized workspace.
- Seeks out and attend trainings and in-service opportunities (8 hours required per anniversary date).
- Maintains current Oregon or Washington Drivers License.
- Follows through on all directives and instructions conveyed by the Residential Program Coordinator.
- Maintains the security of all corporate interests (i.e. security of keys, files, facilities, etc.)

Positions Reporting:
- Residential employees and House Managers.

- QMHA required
- High School Diploma or GED required

- Two plus years of management experience preferred.
- Previous work experience in a group home setting required.

Complete details: