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UniServ Consultant

Oregon Education Association, Hillsboro

Job - Non-Profit

Close Date: 10/13/2019

POSITION: UniServ Consultant – Beaverton

RESPONSIBLE TO: Assistant Executive Director for Advocacy & Affiliate Services

SALARY RANGE: Salary range per Professional Staff Contract -
$81,400 to $129,562

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CLOSING DATE: October 13, 2019

The employee in this position will help the Oregon Education Association achieve its Mission, Vision, and Core Values by carrying out a variety of tasks related to membership growth, bargaining, advocacy, organizing, training, recruiting and retaining members in assigned local(s). Working under the general direction of the Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director of the Center for Advocacy and Affiliate Services and/or designee, the employee will work with colleagues, UniServ Councils, leaders and members to integrate elements of OEA and the local organizing, bargaining, political, advocacy, and membership plans.

1. Support and advance the OEA mission, vision and values.
2. Assist the OEA in developing and implementing the systems, programs and organizational strategies that create a member-driven culture of organizing and advance the goals of OEA.
3. Assist the OEA in developing and delivering dynamic trainings for leaders, members and staff to support organizing and other campaigns.
4. Organize to build a strong union at every local or worksite consistent with the goals of OEA.
5. Assist the organization in building and exercising power at the state and local level.
6. Support state and local advocacy efforts as assigned - including, but not limited to:
a. Participate in developing and delivering member, leader and staff trainings in the following areas: member rights, advocacy, collective bargaining, political campaigns, organizational development, strategic planning, and (internal, community and new member) organizing.
b. Work with leaders and staff to develop organizing and action plans – assist in execution and review of these plans.
c. Contract negotiations and contract maintenance through grievance processing, mediation and arbitration.
d. Local association bargaining assistance.
e. Organizational and professional development through training, consulting and facilitation within the OEA, local associations, governance and members
f. Membership recruitment and development.
g. Political action activities and lobbying support.
h. Developing relationships and working with broad-based organizations to support the goals of the OEA.
i. Internal and external communications.
7. Establish and maintain positive working relationships with Council leadership, local leaders, OEA staff and management.
8. Provide counsel and advice to leadership and members.
9. Work collaboratively with staff, work teams, locals/districts and community groups where appropriate.
10. Promote and support education restructuring and reform consistent with OEA policy. Facilitate organizational change at the local and state level.
11. Participate in trainings identified by the OEA.
12. Provide staff liaison/serve on Association committees as assigned.
13. Regularly attend and participate in OEA staff meetings.
14. Complete other duties as assigned by the Assistant Executive Director for the Center for Advocacy and Affiliate Services, the Executive Director or designee.

1. Strong ability to communicate verbally, in writing and through various media and to compose original documents.
2. Ability to think creatively to resolve problems, issues and conflict.
3. Demonstrated successful experience in:
a. Organizing to build strong locals.
b. Commitment to fostering a member-driven and organizing union culture.
c. Knowledge and experience in state and federal educational issues.
d. Collective bargaining experience and knowledge of traditional, collaborative and interest-based bargaining, problem-solving and alternative dispute resolution.
e. Contract maintenance and grievance resolution.
f. Member rights protection.
g. Political action and lobbying skills.
h. Designing, developing, delivering and helping others execute organizing plans.
i. Problem-solving and other mediation of sensitive interpersonal situations.
j. Cultural Competence/Relevancy or Multicultural Education.
k. Ability to relate to all membership levels: Higher Ed, Certified, ESP members and leaders.
4. Strong work ethic.
5. Ability to work with diverse groups and individuals.
6. Ability to work well in teams, including providing cross-organizational support to other areas of the organization.
7. Proficient computer skills and experience in, but not limited to, word-processing using Microsoft Office Suite and online research.
8. Working knowledge of school district budgets and education funding in the State of Oregon.
9. Ability to coordinate personal workloads and schedules in a fast-paced working environment.
10. Ability to establish, track and assess metrics (data) related to organizing goals and membership objectives. Ability to deliver and communicate complex data.
11. Ability to work in a self-directed and efficient manner, maintaining calm under pressure.
12. Ability to meet requirements of working with large and small locals, higher education and educational support personnel in a large geographic area.


• Bachelor’s Degree or equivalency. Master’s Degree preferred.

• Experience as an education employee or working directly with education employees.
• Staff or Association leader experience in education associations, local, state or national school employee organizations.
• Experience with internal, new member and community organizing.
• Knowledge of special programs, i.e., special education, bilingual, gifted, etc.
• Experience in facilitating organizational change.
• Experience as a UniServ staff person or other similar union-related work.
• Knowledge and awareness of poverty issues and their impact on student achievement.

• Ability to obtain a valid Oregon State driver's license, have a satisfactory driving record, and have a dependable automobile for Association travel. Proof of automobile insurance with liability limits of at least $100,000/$300,000 required.


• The employee works under the general direction of the Assistant Executive Director for Advocacy and Affiliate Services, Executive Director and/or designee and is expected to operate with relative independence and a minimum of supervision in handling complex problems with initiative, creativity and sound professional judgment.

• The work will be performed in a variety of settings including office, schools, classrooms and training facilities; sometimes in front of large or small groups and sometimes alone.

• Travel is expected.

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