Job Details

Public Information Officer (Coordinator III) - Limited Duration

City of Portland, Portland, OR

Job - Government

Close Date: 12/16/2019

The City of Portland is seeking a communications professional to align communications work regarding the creation of affordable housing, and its response to homelessness within the Portland Housing Bureau. The position will research, recommend and implement a public information and social media program alongside other communications staff within the Housing Bureau, City of Portland, and the Joint Office of Homeless Services.

Responsibilities include:

•Working with Portland Housing Bureau (PHB) , City/County Joint Office of Homeless Services (JOHS) staff, and elected staff on developing and maintaining web, earned and social media content.
•Providing general communication oversight; consulting with graphic designers, web developers, and information technology staff to develop and maintain online presence.
•Working with a team of communications staff in conveying organizational unit marketing and media strategies.
•Implementing community engagement programs.
Since 2009, PHB has worked toward a vision that "all Portlanders can find affordable homes...and have equitable access to housing." We are charged with developing citywide housing policy, delivering programs that increase the supply of affordable housing and promote stable homeownership, and administering a broad range of federal and local resources. Through our policies, plans, and funding, PHB works to stabilize families in their current homes, provide new affordable housing opportunities, and foster equitable, integrated, and diverse communities. PHB works to ensure racial equity for Communities of Color in its services and programs to reduce the disparities that Communities of Color experience.

The JOHS was created in 2016 to better align the ending homelessness work of the City of Portland and Multnomah County with the mission vision and values of A Home for Everyone, the community-wide ending homelessness initiative launched in 2014. The JOHS is working with the A Home for Everyone partners to create a community where everyone has access to quality, accessible, and affordable housing, and where homelessness, if it exists at all, is rare, brief, and one time.

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