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Manager, LIFT Eligibility & Community Relations

TriMet, Portland, OR

Job - Government

Close Date: 09/16/2019

Position Summary:
Manage and develop partnerships with community based transportation programs and E&D service agencies. Develop strategies for increased service quality, efficiency, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. Manage TriMet's Transit Mobility Center and the LIFT eligibility determination process in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Serve as principal staff to TriMet's Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT). Develop ATP communications for the community.

Ensure a commitment to safety through effective leadership, role modeling and implementing practices that demonstrate safety is a fundamental value and a priority in all aspects of work. Perform a variety of management, planning, analysis, problem-solving, and communication duties.
Essential Functions:
1. Develop and analyze service strategies, policies and programs to deliver effective, efficient, high-quality LIFT/ATP services, and make most effective use of TriMet and community resources in serving the elderly and/or persons with disabilities. Develop and implement work programs, project work plans and budgets.

2. Manage daily activities of the Transit Mobility Center and LIFT eligibility determination process. Interpret federal policy and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), monitoring and evaluating eligibility determination quality and compliance with the ADA. Identify staffing, management and facility needs, develop processes and procedures to enhance operations and maximize use of agency resources. Manage budget process for the TMC and CAT activities.

3. Oversee the process for ADA paratransit eligibility appeals which includes communication with appellants and third parties.

4. Develop and implement annual goals, budget and work programs that are integrated into the District's financial plans, service development and service performance goals.

5. Develop and administer Transit Mobility Center contract(s) including developing specifications and work scope and managing procurement process. Provide ongoing oversight to ensure contract compliance and high quality performance. Provide contractor(s) with clear knowledge of TriMet's expectations.

6. Lead the agenda and activity planning of the citizens' advisory Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT), an advisory committee to the TriMet Board of Directors. Track the CAT's pending issues, recommendations and resolutions, and work with the CAT to develop an annual work plan. Initiate work with staff agency-wide to identify, develop and frame issues. Provide support for the annual membership recruitment process and staff through monthly meetings.

7. Develop and provide all documentation associated with the CAT's activities including bylaws, organizational handbooks, meeting agendas and minutes, and meeting packets. Coordinate all CAT activities in accordance and compliance with the Oregon Public Meeting Laws. Provide oversight for all contracted services associated with CAT.

8. Track and respond to customer concerns regarding Transit Mobility Center processes and transit customer concerns identified through CAT activities.

9. Manage the external and internal communications for ATP. Develop and distribute ATP customer and public information communication materials. Develop program materials for internal communications to ATP TriMet and contracted staff as required.

10. Initiate and develop ongoing contacts with social service agencies and community groups to strengthen awareness of, and feedback on, ATP's LIFT eligibility determination process for supporting elderly and disabled mobility and overall LIFT program. Prepare and present written and oral presentations for organizations and advisory bodies.

11. Supervise TriMet staff including directing activity, assigning work, and monitoring performance and productivity.
Position Requirements:
A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree is required.

Bachelor's degree in business administration, social services, management, or related field. Graduate education in any one of these fields preferred.

A minimum of ten (10) years total credited experience.* Three (3) years at a management level, working in a non-profit, social service agency or transportation service organization with a focus on service and program development. Experience serving the elderly and/or persons with disabilities required.

Or any equivalent combination of experience and training.

*The amount of credit a candidate receives for prior years of experience is based on the relevancy of that experience to the required or preferred prerequisites of the job description. Experience is prorated based on hours worked. LRHR assigns and validates the "credited experience".

Salary Range:
Midpoint: $97,791.00
Maximum: $117,350.00

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TriMet is an equal opportunity employer, committed to developing an organization that is reflective of and sensitive to the needs of the diverse community we serve, including veterans, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.

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