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Complaint Investigator I

City of Portland Auditor's Office, Portland, Oregon

Job - Government

Close Date: 08/23/2019

Opens: Monday, August 5, 2019
Closes: Friday, August 23, 2019

Salary Range: $65,811 - $109,491

The City Auditor’s Office is seeking an impartial public servant to listen to community members who believe an interaction with a Portland Police Officer was improper, develop facts related to their allegations, and recommend to Police officials whether disciplinary action is warranted.

This Complaint Investigator position is one of eight in the Auditor’s Independent Police Review (IPR) division, which forms the foundation of the City’s civilian police accountability system. IPR reports to the elected City Auditor, who is independent of the Mayor and City Commissioners. This structure is critical to ensuring that police misconduct complaints receive the appropriate investigative resources before the Chief and Police Commissioner make their final decisions about an officer’s conduct or cases are closed for insufficient evidence.

IPR is the central intake location for misconduct complaints, conducts investigations, and monitors all cases investigated by the Police Bureau’s Internal Affairs unit. IPR and Internal Affairs share investigative responsibilities. IPR generally investigates misconduct complaints involving high-ranking officers, vulnerable populations, such as children or people experiencing homelessness; and large events, such as street protests.

Responsibilities of the Complaint Investigator I include:
1. Taking complaints and gathering information to be used by IPR supervisors to make case-handling decisions;
2. Conducting investigations by interviewing witnesses and police officers and collecting evidence, such as dispatch records, video, and photographs;
3. Developing written findings based on the available evidence and recommending appropriate courses of action for police managers;
4. Protecting the integrity of the investigative process and the independence of the Auditor’s Office;
5. Participating in community outreach activities to raise awareness about IPR’s services and role in the City’s accountability system;
6. Participating in policy reviews that develop information and make recommendations for systemic change in the Portland Police Bureau.

Successful candidates will demonstrate a commitment to fairness in police accountability matters, knowledge of sound investigative procedures, and an ability to interact with people from diverse backgrounds.

The Auditor’s Office values a diverse workforce and seeks ways to foster a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion in delivering public services and everyday interactions in the workplace. The Office encourages candidates with experience working with a broad range of individuals and diverse communities to apply.

Once the recruitment period opens, applications must be submitted through the City’s online system. Find more information here:

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