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Sr. Project Manager

Energy Trust of oregon

Job - Non-Profit

Close Date: 03/31/2020


Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to energy efficiency
and renewable energy development. We serve Oregon customers of Portland General Electric,
Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas, Avista and SW Washington customers of NW Natural. In 2019, Energy Trust was recognized as one of the 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For in Oregon.

We recognize the lack of diversity in our industry, and we actively seek to address it with our hiring and retention practices as well as our values. We believe every person and their lived experience is integral to building a vibrant culture and delivering effective services to all customers we serve. We are committed to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion, and we encourage candidates with diverse backgrounds and experience to apply.


The Sr. Project Manager is responsible for developing and delivering technical assessments that support forecasts, policy studies, cost-effectiveness determinations, and resource estimates for use in determining Energy Trust goals, utility resource plans, and investments. Important duties in this position include preparing reports utilizing data analysis techniques, managing process improvement projects, and responding to information requests to support decision making. The Sr. Project Manager works cooperatively with utilities, program managers, contractors, and peer organizations to achieve agreement on assumptions, goals, utility resource plans, funding needs, program plans, and market strategies. The Sr. Project Manager also is responsible for explaining analytic methods, presenting analysis results and conclusions to internal and external audiences, participating in corporate tactical and strategic planning and decision-making, and training staff to employ and use analytic methods and products.


Organization and Program Planning & Strategy
• Provide support to Energy Trust business groups in planning-related work, including program design, goal/budget development, market transformation and analysis.
• Develop, conduct, manage, and implement broad-scope planning projects. Develop long-term strategies for performing complex analytical processes.
• Work collaboratively with Energy Trust staff and external parties to inform and define Energy Trust’s accomplishments, strategic direction and impacts on regional and statewide policy.
• Expand utility planning work to include T&D deferral through an increased analytical framework to help utilities with capacity management efforts through investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy.
• Interact with programs to coordinate and manage approaches to accomplish peak reduction goals established with utilities.
• Provide PUC with technical information to support regulation of distributed resources, demand management, T&D deferral and related issues.
• Explore Energy Trust role and make recommendations in creating, quantifying and pursuing efficiency in new product markets.
• Where appropriate, track and analyze state and national policy initiatives that could promote and complement clean energy development.
• Provide internal teams with support that helps leverage resources from new and existing market research for the purposes of establishing priorities and disseminating results.
• Track data on ancillary benefits of efficiency programs, including greenhouse gas and economic benefits.
Economic Analysis
• Develop, maintain, and enhance long-term resource supply estimates used in long-term planning.
• Work with utilities to support their Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) modeling by providing them with forecasts of potential program activity that determine Energy Trust funding.
• Develop and recommend efficiency and renewable program design and marketing options.
• Maintain and enhance key assumptions used in Energy Trust’s cost-effectiveness and above market cost models and determinations.
• Prepare routine and ad hoc reporting of Energy Trust program performance.
Project Management & Technical Leadership
• Serve as project manager of contractors hired to complete specific analyses, provide analytic and management oversight to these projects, and present their work.
• Make public presentations and facilitate discussions regarding planning projects and products financial performance of programs, and program and options for metrics to measure and track performance.
• Practice excellent documentation of analyses, assumptions, conclusions and decisions
• Train, mentor and guide other Energy Trust staff on economic analysis and data analysis techniques.
• Coordinate with utilities and other Energy Trust work groups regarding changes to the analytic frameworks and tools guiding Energy Trust and its programs.
• Identify, recommend, and implement adjustments to planning processes that improve organizational efficiency.
• Lead coworkers in preparation of reports of Energy Trust program performance.
• Perform all job functions in a safe manner.
Data Analysis & Internal Infrastructure
• Provide data analysis, reporting, and quality control of others’ work as part of the official reporting process, including work on complex datasets and developing best practices for data quality management.
• Develop internal systems for tracking program funds and performance that allows attribution to Energy Trust’s multiple funding sources.
• Coordinate and manage oversight and analysis and reporting with NEEA as assigned.
• Represent the larger Planning and Evaluation work group in organization-wide efforts to prioritize IT improvements. Provide support for IT department on specific projects.


• Obtains the services and directs the work of contractors.
• Direct supervision of interns as assigned.


• Bachelor’s degree in engineering, economics, or related field involving quantitative analysis and/or policy analysis. Master’s degree preferred – Or equivalent experience – preferred.
• 6 years experience with quantitative economic and market analysis of energy efficiency and/or renewable resources.
• Demonstrated project management experience for complex technical projects including demonstrated skills and abilities to manage projects and contractors; determine policy compliance; and manage communications, documentation, and detailed data analysis.
• Experience with applying engineering concepts in a pragmatic way to support investment decisions, preferably in the energy efficiency/renewable energy area.
• Ability to manage and analyze complex datasets including applicant experience in employing statistical analysis techniques to analyze measure/program performance and related characteristics to inform program strategy and decision making.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills. In particular, ability to analyze complex technical issues and succinctly convey conclusions, inferences, and intended applications in general terms understandable to diverse technical and public audiences.
• Ability to understand what is important to other people and arrive at shared solutions.
• Understanding of the energy regulatory framework and energy sector market fundamentals impact on efficiency planning is preferred.
• Knowledge of energy policy, the energy regulatory framework, and energy-sector market fundamentals that affect short- and long-term energy planning decisions is preferred.
• Ability to work analytically while remaining focused on developing strategic decisions.
• Ability to train others in developing economic and engineering analysis.
• Customer service and skills experience. Must be able to interact with a diverse workforce and be comfortable working in culturally diverse settings and groups.

The above information is designed to outline the functions and position requirements of this job. It does not identify all tasks that may be expected, nor address the performance standards that must be maintained.


• Salary commensurate with skills and experience.
• Competitive benefits package.
• Applications accepted until position is filled.


Qualified individuals please submit cover letter, resume, and application (found on Energy Trust’s website to

Attn: Sr. Project Manager - Planning

Energy Trust is an Equal Opportunity Employer that highly values diversity and inclusion
in the workplace.

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