Job Details

Professional Learning Specialist

Northwest Regional ESD, Hillsboro, OR

Job - Education

Close Date: 06/17/2019

Department: Instructional Services
Location: Washington Service Center (Hillsboro)
Salary: Admin Salary Schedule, Professional Learning Specialist ($96,141.28 - $101,996.65)
Start Date: July 1, 2019

General Description:

This position is responsible to contribute to the development and execution of the Northwest Regional ESD’s professional development system for the 20 component school districts and the ESD’s employees. To accomplish these tasks, the Specialist works closely with the Director of Professional Development, NWRESD staff and Administration, and component school district staff and administration.
Qualifications: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

1. Master’s Degree or equivalent training in curriculum, instruction, counseling or teaching
2. Hold or be eligible to obtain an Oregon Teaching or Administrative license through Teachers Standards & Practices Commission (TSPC) preferred, not required
3. Five or more years of successful PK-12 elementary teaching experience
4. Three or more years of successful experience delivering effective professional development planning and facilitating professional learning for educators, including coaching.
5. Experience leading equity work.
6. Extensive knowledge of current and emerging best practices in teaching adults.
7. Working knowledge of current theory, research, and effective practices in the area of deeper learning, culturally sustaining pedagogies, data-based decision making and school improvement.
8. Demonstrated ability to facilitate groups in meetings and workshop settings
9. Must possess excellent written, verbal and presentation skills. Ability to express complex ideas with clarity and precision both orally and in writing.
10. Strong technical skills including use of presentation software, word processing and the ability to learn to use technology to innovate and increase efficiency.
11. Ability to work with minimum supervision, communicate clearly, and prioritize and manage multiple projects; Ability to solve problems and make decisions.
12. Independent, self-starter with an entrepreneurial mindset and a strong work ethic.
13. Ability to network, provide excellent customer service, and build strong relationships with educators.\
14. Valid driver’s license.

Essential Functions:

Develop, coordinate, and deliver facilitate professional development learning, including school coaching, services to the 20 school districts in Columbia, Clatsop, Tillamook and Washington counties and NWRESD employees. Contribute to and support the development, coordination and implementation of a comprehensive professional learning model.

Deliver professional development in partnership with NWRESD component school districts, leveraging the expertise of educators across the region and improving outcomes for students.

Participate as a member of the NWRESD Leadership team.

Requires frequent travel to schools across our four-county region and flexibility in scheduling off site trainings.

Maintain regular and consistent attendance and punctuality.

Work collaboratively and communicate effectively with staff and customers at all organizational levels.

Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

What you should show up ready to teach anyone on your first day:

Current and emerging practices for effective adult learning. We hired you because you’re an expert trainer and educators love to learn from and with you.

Your content expertise in social emotional learning, 9th grade success, and/or early learning--you can learn more about these on the job, but you’ll need a foundation

How K-12 and early learning environments work

Your understanding of culturally sustaining pedagogies and practices

Your ability to plan and deliver outstanding professional learning

Your desire and skill to work closely with our professional learning team, and to team with educators across the region

What you’ll learn more about after you are hired:

Principles of Improvement Science and Deeper Learning

20 school districts in Columbia, Clatsop, Tillamook and Washington counties

NWRESD culture and values based on principles of equity and social justice

Within your three first months, you will:
Begin to build rapport with your new colleagues and partners across our region!

Work with our professional learning team to plan and facilitate professional learning and in-school coaching for teams of educators in our 20 partner school districts

Work with data to gain understanding and support school teams in decision making that is student-focused

Frequently give and accept feedback on plans you and colleagues are developing. We hired you because you have experience in all types of learning environments and are skilled at supporting your colleagues’ growth and being in environment that supports your professional growth.

Within your first year, you will:

Meet with the team to reflect on the awesome work you have done, discuss growth opportunities, and plan the following year’s professional learning. You’re self-motivated and reflective so this will be a conversation you’ve been eagerly awaiting.

Use data analysis and strategic plan goals to assess needs and outcomes, and select and provide assistance to implement future professional learning in alignment with the findings.

Assist in building team structures and seeking opportunities that contribute to program sustainability

Complete details: