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Close Date: 07/31/2020

Mental Health Clinicians provide supportive services and case management to SPMI clients within the Outpatient/Rehabilitation program. The position is responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring individualized treatment plans specifying medically necessary services for treatment and recovery. The position oversees the provision of skills training, case management, counseling, and all other applicable services to individuals. Interventions take place both in the office and in community settings. There are significant administrative responsibilities in terms of documentation, re-authorization, and other regularly occurring events.


Case Management

Develop relationships with each client on the caseload by meeting for case management and/or counseling on an established schedule
Assess the strengths and service needs of each consumer.
Develop individual service plans in partnership with consumer.
Assist consumer in connecting to resources and services needed to achieve goals set in individual service and support plan.
Monitor service delivery and coordinate care as needed.
Develop relationships with providers and stakeholders to facilitate service provision.
Ensure scheduling and attendance of prescriber visits for medication management and problem-solve with clients to ensure effective medical services.
Provide customer service to Luke-Dorf, Inc. stakeholders.


Provide effective behavioral health counseling to consumers in both individual and group settings
Regularly assess and monitor therapeutic progress, ensure that counseling services provided remain medically necessary and consistent with the mental health assessment and individual service plan
Utilize and demonstrate proficiency with Medicaid-approved, evidence based practices
E.g. motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, wellness management and recovery, integrated dual diagnosis treatment, etc.

Crisis Intervention

Take reasonable action to avoid use of crisis services, including consistent use of trauma informed care principles
Coordinate entry of consumers into respite.
Complete crisis plan for each person who may need access to emergency services
Complete WRAP plans or take other proactive steps to minimize use of crisis services
Contact hospital within 1 working day for anyone on the caseload who is hospitalized
Document hospital and ER utilization and assist with discharge planning
Coordinate consumer engagement with alternative resources and providers as needed to reduce time spent in emergency services
Carry crisis phone on a rotating basis


Complete all required assessment, re-authorization, and funding paperwork.
Document all consumer contact and actions made on behalf of consumers within 72 hours.
Complete services plans and reviews, LOCUS, and Transfer Summaries.
Utilize outcomes based care tools and review regularly
Work with support staff to ensure clinical charts are complete and in compliance with federal, state and county rules.
Assist with preparation of re-authorization paperwork in a timely manner.
Adhere to productivity expectations of spending at least 50% of time providing direct, billable services to individuals or groups.

Utilization Reviews

Provide information as requested by the Quality Assurance Coordinator
Complete all documents and observe timelines to ensure that charts are in compliance
Participate in supervision as needed to review interventions and utilization
Seek consultation with supervisor

Other General Expectations:

Attend and positively participate in required meetings.
Pursue ongoing development of skills and competencies. A minimum of 16 hours on-going education, of which 12 hours must be in area of mental health/dual recovery and four hours in cultural competency.
Follow all corporate policies, procedures, and protocols.
Adhere to any applicable ethics codes.
Maintain current Driver’s License.
Adhere to a regular work schedule as set by direct supervisor.
Follow through on all directives and instructions.
Maintain security of all corporate interests.
Maintain CPR and First Aid Certificate.
Positions Reporting:



Qualified Mental Health Professional (QMHP) with a Masters Degree in social work (MSW) or related field is required.
A minimum of two years post-graduate experience is preferred.
CADC Credentials are preferred.


Spanish/English preferred though not required.
Applicant must possess the skills necessary to work independently.
Must have a firm understanding of individuals with severe and persistent mental illness, psychiatric medications and their use, administrative rules and other applicable laws and regulations, as well as a firm understanding of acceptable clinical practices and guidelines.
Complete understanding of the DSM V and the ability to compose comprehensive mental health assessments and initial service plans.

Mental Requirements:

Extensive mental activities required. Examples to include but not limited to the use of educated judgment, communicate thought clearly, maintain calm demeanor in crisis situations, be an empathetic and effective listener, and flexible analytical and interpreting skills. Ability to motivate others and remain consistently enthusiastic. Creativity and flexibility in problem solving. Consistent collaboration with other staff and outside partners. Strong organizational skills.


Luke-Dorf, Inc. outpatient operations are an essential part of Luke-Dorf, Inc. overall continuum of service and supports. As a member of the rehabilitiation team, the SC will help to insure best practices, positive clinical outcomes, and quality of services.


Contact with all entities associated directly and/or indirectly with the operation of all Luke-Dorf, Inc. clinical programs and PSRB individuals.

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