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Crime Analyst

City of Portland, Portland, OR

Job - Government

Close Date: 12/07/2018

Under general direction, Crime Analysts are responsible for compiling, entering, maintaining, integrating, analyzing and reporting findings on use of force and other related statistical data and information for the PPB to aid in determining patterns, trends, and identifying groups and individuals of concern.

The Crime Analysts must possess the ability to work in a team-oriented atmosphere, demonstrate the ability to collaborate and work in support of high quality public service objectives and possess outstanding human relations and communication skills.

The applicant must be able to make presentations to small as well as large audiences on an as needed basis. The Crime Analyst's responsibility, in these positions, may include:
Completing force data audits using a standardized audit methodology to gauge PPB compliance with the United States Department of Justice (USDOJ) Settlement Agreement.
Compiling, analyzing and formatting audit data for delivery to USDOJ, PPB command staff, public and community stakeholders.
Preparing reports to be released to the public.
Preparing specific reports on use of force and developing recommendations for appropriate bureau responses.
Performing risk assessments to determine appropriate and necessary audit engagements.
Collecting, evaluating and interpreting narrative and statistical data in order to develop audit reports documenting the causes of inefficiencies and uneconomical practices.
The ideal candidates would possess the following desirable attributes (please note, these are desirable, not required):
Knowledge and experience conducting audits consistent with Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS)
A Bachelor's degree with an emphasis on criminal justice, public administration, sociology, statistics, or research methodology or equivalent experience. OR
A master's degree in one of the above fields.

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