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Office of Child Care Compliance Manager

Oregon Department of Education, Salem, OR

Job - Government

Close Date: 06/13/2019

The Early Learning Division prides itself on supporting all of Oregon's young children and families to learn and thrive. When you consider a career with us, you will be joining a team who values equity, making a positive impact for children and families, dedication, integrity and collective wisdom to benefit Oregon children and families.

We are seeking a Compliance Manager (Principal Executive/Manager D) position with our Salem Office of the Early Learning Division. This is a permanent, full-time position in management service.

What you will do!

As the Compliance Manager, you manage the Office of Child Care’s Compliance Unit. This includes providing leadership and supervision to the day-to-day activities of the Investigation Specialists and Compliance Specialists assigned to the unit, as well as continuous leadership over ensuring policies and procedures reflect best practice in child care licensing compliance. The Investigation Specialists (IS) are responsible for conducting complaint investigations that are joint investigations with Department of Human Services and with law enforcement agencies for cases involving allegations of child abuse and crimes at child care licensed facilities (e.g., tandem investigations).

You will work closely with the Legal and Enforcement Unit (LED), including ensuring coordination of staff between the teams to ensure the successful implementation of OCC’s procedures, policies, and protocol. You provide leadership over investigative process, ensuring that records are properly retained and investigative files meet the needs of the agency; ensures that manuals and guidelines for investigations and licensing enforcement actions are complete, up-to-date and reflect office policy. You will also make policy recommendations and advises the LED on investigation and licensing cases and policy matters; and helps draft legislative language and administrative rules.

Duties include:

Manage Investigation of Child Care Facilities:

Coordinate and review investigations of facilities and the referral of cases for enforcement.
Provide guidance and oversight of investigative practices and protocols.
Develop training for Investigators concerning investigative practices.
Develop standards for investigation practices; standards for physical files and for recording of investigation data in ELIS.
Develop expectations and metrics for tracking investigations and developing outcome measures.
Assist with investigations, if necessary.
Ensure that work is equitably distributed and that cases are efficiently worked.
Analyze investigations and compliance cases to advise the Legal and Enforcement Director, along with lead CS3s, on whether to close case or proceed with administrative or injunction prosecution and any recommend sanctions.
Review and Issue subpoenas and other investigative tools to secure evidence and documents required in enforcement actions.
Recommend the closing of investigations to the LED.
Provide Leadership and Supervision to Team (approximately 15 staff):

Lead in a manner congruent with the department’s values of integrity, expertise, personal accountability, outstanding customer service, collaborative problem solving, and respect.
Perform supervisory functions by interviewing, selecting and providing training for new staff; planning, delegation and overall work duties; completing performance appraisals; counseling of staff and initiating personnel actions and resolving grievances.
Strategic Leadership:

Develop and implement unit work procedures based on policy direction from LED and OCC Director, and monitor work completed to evaluate unit effectiveness and meet performance measures. Prepare and recommend revisions to Investigation policies, procedures practice manuals to increase effectiveness and evaluate their impact on program activities.
Serve as a member of the OCC’s management team and participates in the agency’s strategic planning, policy discussions, development of performance measures and long and short range goals and objectives. Establish and refine performance standards and measure progress towards meeting performance goals. Keep informed of changes and trends in Child care laws and regulations and NARA Best Practices. Remain abreast of Oregon criminal, administrative and civil procedure through regular review of case law; federal law and regulations; Remained informed about investigative best practices and training opportunities.
Commitment to Equity: In addition to the cultivation of equitable practices across all aspects of your position description: a. Learn and apply knowledge and skills to interrupt systemic oppression; b. participate and engage in efforts to further Early Learning Division wide efforts to develop and implement the Equity Breakthrough Team work plans; and c. have knowledge of and apply tools, such as the Equity Lens, Culturally Responsive Community Engagement tool, etc., to all the work to ensure that the shared vision and mission of the Early Learning Division is clearly articulated in all the work produced.

What we are looking for:

Six years of experience in supervision, staff-technical, or professional-level work. Two years of this experience must have included supervision and management of a program, section, or unit which included: a) development of program rules and policies, b) development of long- and short-range goals and plans, c) program evaluation, and d) budget preparation. OR Six years of experience in supervision, staff-technical, or professional-level work. Two years of this experience must have included program/project leader responsibility involving one or more of the following areas: a) development of program rules and policies, b) development of long- and short-range goals and plans, c) program evaluation and/or project evaluation, or d) monitoring and controlling or preparing a budget. NOTE: A Bachelor's degree or equivalent course work (144 quarter or 96 semester hours) in a field related to management, such as Business or Public Administration, or a field related to the program of the employing agency, may be substituted for three years of the required experience, but will not substitute for the two years of specialized experience.
Preference may be given to applicants with:
A law degree, membership in a state bar association, and/or experience as a prosecutor or other criminal trial experience; and/or
Demonstrated leadership skills; and/or
Extensive investigation experience.
Extensive knowledge of child care systems and OCC rules, policies and practices.
Effective people management. The ability to manage situations and tailor approach to the individual's skills, needs and performance. Demonstrated ability to see the importance of role modeling. The ability to coach. Ability to provide an inclusive workplace that fosters the development of others, facilitates cooperation and teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts.
Demonstrated strategic thinking, planning, and execution.
Knowledge of administrative hearings process
Knowledge of public records laws
Knowledge of rule-making process
Knowledge of policy analysis and decision making
Demonstrate ability to work in a fast changing environment
Must work well under pressure, meeting multiple and sometimes conflicting deadlines

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