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Fisheries Technician (Community Service Aide II) - Candidate Pool

City of Portland, Portland, OR

Job - Government

Close Date: 01/31/2020

This job posting is collecting interest for FUTURE Fisheries Technician vacancies with the City of Portland. Please be aware that this is an ongoing call for interest and that we may not reach out to you right away. Once a vacancy is available, and a job is posted, you will be notified to be able to apply.

The Portland Water Bureau is seeking to create a list of applicants with fisheries experience/backgrounds to potentially assist in the collection of field data in 2020. The position is a Community Services Aides II. This list would be used to fill seasonal positions that will become vacant during Spring, Summer, and Fall 2020 field season.

One list of fisheries applicants might be used to fill one or more full time, seasonal positions that could become open early March 2020.

Fisheries Technician: Full Time Seasonal

This Fisheries Technician would work approximately 35-40 hours per week (8-10 hours per day) from March through September, and up to 10 hours per week from October through mid-December. Some fisheries work would be on Saturdays and Sundays. The Fisheries Technician would report to work at the Bureau's Emergency Operations Center, which is at the intersection of Powell Blvd. and SE 99th Ave., and then drive in a Bureau vehicle to the work sites.

The fisheries work would focus on monitoring juvenile salmonid smolt traps in the spring, conducting fish and fish habitat surveys in the summer, and completing adult salmon counts in the fall, with other duties assigned as time allows.

The Fisheries Technician will work under the direction of Water Bureau staff but at times will do fieldwork on their own with other Technicians. The Fisheries Technician may be cross-trained to perform other biological duties as assigned by the Water Bureau.

Additional desired qualifications (not required):
Operating rotary smolt traps
Conducting fish habitat surveys
Snorkeling and operating a backpack electro shocker
Identifying and counting spawning salmon and redds
Candidates may be required to work during inclement weather conditions and must have the physical ability to walk over uneven or steep terrain.

The anticipated hourly pay rate for successful applicants is $22.00/hour.

*This recruitment is for seasonal employees. Seasonal employees are limited to 1,400 hours per year, they do not accrue vacation leave but do accrue sick leave, and they are not eligible for retirement or health benefits.

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