Job Details

Social Service Specialist 1/ICWA Active Efforts Specialist

State of Oregon, Department of Human Services, North Bend

Job - Government

Close Date: 12/16/2018

As the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Regional Case Specialist this position provides leadership and direction in ensuring that DHS adheres to the intent of the federal law regulating services to Indian children and families, the Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 and diversity matters related to Native Americans. The major goals of this position are to: Safe and equitable reduction of the number of Native children in foster care, focused work on ensuring the agency provides active efforts on sub-care and in-home cases, and the prevention of children entering care. This position monitors and interprets Agency policies and procedures to remove barriers to goals and the spirit of ICWA for DHS families receiving services; works closely with District Managers, Program Managers, supervisors, case workers, parents and families to develop and monitor implementation and outcomes of the statewide strategies to strengthen compliance with ICWA. This position works closely with District and Program Managers to identify and implement concrete and measureable steps to strengthen local relationships with Tribes and advance local strategies relating to planning. This position will ensure information and data is obtained timely from local Tribes and Tribes across the United States and will work with Tribes regarding timeliness of data requests. This position provides intensive assistance to assigned case carrying ICWA case workers to achieve permanency for ICWA/Native American children and will assure active efforts are achieved with native families by providing additional efforts necessary to provide compliance, understanding and culturally specific experiences. This position will be responsible for documenting the achievement of goals associated with the regional ICWA Case Specialists work.

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