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Business Analyst Team Supervisor

OCHIN, Portland, OR

Job - Health

Close Date: 09/21/2019

OCHIN is currently looking for a talented Technology Partner Implementation Team Supervisor to join our team!

The Supervisor of the Technology Implementation Team leads, trains and motivates OCHIN’s Business Analysts to accomplish tasks and achieve positive outcomes. This work entails managing projects, prioritization, regular feedback, performance management, development, training, issue and risk mitigation and ensuring high quality, measurable service. The Supervisor of the Technology Partner Implementation Team will continually assess and make improvements to the system and processes to improve efficiency while managing the resources of OCHIN and our Members (Service Areas) to continually improve the quality of processes, internal operations, and outcomes to our Members.

Some of the work you'll do:

Senior Business Analyst
* Responsible for communicating, clarifying, and supporting the successful application of OCHIN’s strategy regarding the efficient and successful delivery of integrated products and services from OCHIN’s preferred technology partners to our member organizations
* Ensuring that operations, projects, and processes function efficiently and effectively
* Overseeing the tactical completion of tasks and projects
* Managing individual performance and connecting team members with appropriate resources
* Providing input to the Manager for staffing and resourcing decisions
* Participate in integration pilot meetings for potential new technology partners (as needed / appropriate) to gain background knowledge on product
* Collaborate with the Innovation & Improvement project manager (PM), Business Development team, Product Owner(s), and vendor to understand the vision and business value for a project or business area
* Once OCHIN’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) decides to move forward with operationalizing a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with a Preferred Technology Partner, participate in the warm handoff with the Innovation & Improvement Project Manager, Product Owner, and Director of Innovation, Development & Partnerships
* Partner with the Business Development team through the contracting process as appropriate
* Once member has decided to pursue an integrated product / service (i.e., after a demonstration of functionality and signing a statement of work), project manage the implementation of the preferred technology partner’s products & services for installing and existing members
* Track progress of implementation and ensure all milestones and timelines are met
* Work with Product Owner to resolve any technical issues involved with new implementations
* Where needed, work with OCHIN’s Procurement Team and member to select and order necessary equipment / software for vendor product
* Provide weekly reports to Director of Innovation, Development & Partnerships on status of implementations currently in flight and issues / trends involved with new implementations
* Escalate implementation issues as needed to the Installation Project Manager and/or Director of Innovation, Development & Partnerships, including when projects become out of scope, go off track, or miss a deadline
* Serve as a point of contact with vendors for products with whom OCHIN holds MSAs for product delivery
* Escalate vendor issues as needed to the Director of Innovation, Development & Partnerships
* Serve as subject-matter expert of OCHIN’s Preferred Technology Partner implementation process, as well as the value proposition and use case for all Preferred Technology products / services
* Provide reporting to the Director of Innovation, Development & Partnerships on issues, trends, bottlenecks to support the ongoing improvements of OCHIN’s Preferred Technology Partner implementation process
* Mentor / coach less experienced Business Analysts
* Lead and participate in process improvement efforts
* Embodying the organization’s culture of service by demonstrating exceptional customer service for internal and external customers
* Modeling responsible and professional behavior at all times

* Ensuring that operations, projects, and processes function efficiently and effectively
* Overseeing the tactical completion of tasks and projects
* Supervising individual performance and connecting team members with appropriate resources
* Providing input to the Manager for staffing and resourcing decisions
* Embodying the organization’s culture of service by demonstrating exceptional customer service for internal and external customers
* Modeling responsible and professional behavior always service

The position will allocate 20% of time to leadership responsibilities, and 80% to individual contributions

Measures of Success

Senior Business Analyst
* Successfully resolves complex implementation issues on time and within scoped hours
* Displays effective time management skills, and ability to properly prioritize work and balance multiple successful implementations
* Strong knowledge of operational workflows for supported products/services
Demonstrates ability to:
* Identify the root cause of issues, create solutions, and negotiate buy-in
* Appropriately escalate implementation issues according to the SLAs
* Lead team improvement from start to finish
* Effectively coach other Business Analysts
* Demonstrates keen understanding of the value proposition and use case for all Preferred Technology products / services
* Proven ability to provide insight and recommendations on strategic customer needs as they relate to OCHIN’s Preferred Technology Partners, often with little context or preparation
* Demonstrates ability to effectively coach other Business Analysts
* Demonstrates commitment to continuous learning and improvement
* Continually provides excellent service to internal and external customers
* Excellent collaborator who can successfully enroll peers in efforts that produce win-win outcomes
* Demonstrates ability to represent the Ancillary Implementation Team and share OCHIN’s Preferred Technology Partner implementation process across many teams
* Effective communicator across multiple media

* Team processes are documented, are understood by team members, and are aligned with organizational policies and processes
* 1:1 meetings with direct reports are held at least once a month
* Information is shared with relevant parties in a timely and effective manner
* Direct reports accurately track time in accordance with processes established at the organizational level
* Direct reports have identified and regularly track progress against goals in accordance with organizational processes
* The Ancillary Implementation team is continuing to develop and grow (1) individual team members through professional development and (2) process improvements that meet most current organizational needs
* As applicable, direct reports have excellent customer satisfaction and responsiveness scores
* Conforming to shifting priorities, demands and timelines through analytical and problem-solving capabilities
* Remaining focused in the face of pressure, delivering against timelines, not intimidated by tasks/time limitations
* Completing projects and tasks independently and with limited direct supervision

* Minimum of three (3) years of progressive growth in field; 5 years of applicable experience desired
* Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience
* Superb attention to detail and a rigorous focus on delivering quality output
* Excellent communication and collaboration skills, and the ability to speak knowledgeably with members of both the business and technology teams
* Strong analytical skills and ability to synthesize and clearly communicate findings of analysis
* Strong teamwork, interpersonal, relationship and presentation skills
* Desire to take ownership, be creative with problem solving, and pro-actively secure the objectives of the business

Skills & Abilities
* Team development & coaching: The ability to provide training and personal development/ coaching to team members on how to be successful within the organization with delivering objectives.
* Escalation identification & resolution: Strong analytical and problem solving skills- fostering timely escalation identification and resolution
* Accountability and integrity: Strong judgment and decision making skills (i.e. knowing when to delegate tasks and when to roll up one’s sleeves and work with the team to get it done);
* Mentoring and skill building: The ability and desire to knowledge share, delegate to, and mentor new leaders

Our company culture is important to us. Successful candidates will identify easily with a set of character attributes, as listed below:

You are…

A Communicator: You possess strong communication skills and have been told you have great customer service skills; you like people and want to help.
A Critical Thinker: You have a mind that regularly looks for ways to find efficiencies, innovate, and make improvements where you can.
Process Oriented: You’re able to understand, work in, create, and improve processes.
A Collaborator: You’re a team player and relationship builder whose “can-do” attitude inspires others.
Someone Who Seeks to Learn: You are eager to listen, study, and learn new things quickly; you are resourceful and are open to regularly accepting and growing from feedback.
Entrepreneurial: You have proven success working in a fast-paced and changing environment; you are excited to play in a space where you’re adding value to the organization and its mission.

About OCHIN:

OCHIN is one of the nation’s largest and most successful Health Information Networks. Here, our goal is simple: to provide solutions that promote access to quality, affordable health care for all. Our Health IT solutions improve the integration and delivery of health care services across a wide variety of practices—with an emphasis on safety net clinics and small practices as well as critical access and rural hospitals.

Our corporate office is located in beautiful downtown Portland, Oregon. Working with us, you’ll find challenging projects, a collaborative team, and some of the best employee perks around, including public transportation reimbursement, an onsite gym, community volunteering activities, a generous PTO package, and a Dragon Boat Racing team! Recognized as one of the Top 100 Nonprofits to work for in Oregon. OCHIN is committed to creating a positive and enjoyable workplace for all of its employees.

Organizational Disclaimer

Job descriptions are designed to outline primary duties, responsibilities, and qualification requirements, and should not limit additional duties and responsibilities assigned. It is our expectation that all employees offer their services wherever and whenever deemed necessary to ensure the success of the organization.

ADA Requirements

Constant interpersonal skills, teamwork, customer service, problem analysis, and reading, speaking, writing, and understanding English. Frequent creativity, mentoring, presentations, and teaching. Occasional decision making and independent judgment or action. Frequent keyboarding, sitting, standing, hearing, and talking.

Equal Opportunity

OCHIN is an Equal Opportunity Employer and participates in E-Verify. OCHIN does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by applicable state or federal civil rights laws.

Pre-Employment Screening

This position is subject to a pre-employment criminal background check, as well as a check against the Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) exclusion list.

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