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Technology Labs Specialist

Portland State University, Portland, OR

Job - Technology

Close Date: 10/13/2019

As a Technology Labs Specialist, you will work closely with the Technology Labs team to co-supervise over 40 plus student employees and 6-7 computer classrooms and computer labs. Co-leading student employees includes hiring, coaching, mentoring, training, and leading for the success of the Technology Labs Computer Classrooms and Computer Labs. You will also be responsible for managing technology (e.g. large capacity printers, Windows and Mac computers, digital displays, projectors, and podiums) in the computer classrooms and computer labs in coordination with other OIT teams at Portland State University. There will be many opportunities to participate in leading or supporting Technology Labs related projects.

A Day in your life as a Technology Labs Specialist:
Your day may start by checking your calendar for the day’s meetings and activities, followed by reading and responding to emails and Slack messages. You will check in with your two peers that also support the ATS computer labs and classrooms to see if they need you help with anything. Following that, you’re meeting with your student coordinator to review their tasks for the week. You might also need to schedule a check in meeting with an employee that is not meeting our performance expectations and discuss the performance circumstances with your peers to make sure you all agree on the course of corrective action. After that, you perform site visits to our labs and classrooms and see how your team is doing. A sick call might come in from one of your team members, so you will need to cut your round short to post the shift for trade and find coverage. Once you’ve got that shift covered, you finish your visit to the labs. When you’re back in your office, you follow up with the Desktop Support Team on resolving an issue with software or printers that are not functioning properly in one of our labs. In the afternoon, you have a meeting with other Academic and Technology Service staff to review the student labor budget. Later in the day, you might schedule one of our computer classrooms for a one time event or respond to a print quota support request. After your check your email and Slack for any messages that you need to respond to, you’ll work on your designated projects and start planning for future projects and larger tasks to improve efficiency of the Technology Labs.

Position Duties:
- Student Employee Support (40%): Provide ongoing support to student employees which includes hiring, coaching and correcting, mentoring, training, and leading for the success of the Technology Labs. Supporting student employees also consists of scheduling, finding coverage, answering questions, physically making rounds to the different facilities to check on student employees, approving timesheets, regular check-ins with students to discuss work performance and job duties, participate in student employee appreciation and acknowledgement, perform annual evaluations, facilitate team meetings and scheduling meetings, and collaborate on department budget to determine needs for student labor.
- Lab Support Collaboration (20%): Facilitate and participate in meetings and committees to ensure effective communication, problem-solving, project management and collaboration between OIT management, co-workers, student employees, partnering departments, and the campus community. Provide supervisory coverage and complete staff tasks for peers when they are out of the office in order to provide timely support to the ATS labs team and clients.
- Technology Support (20%): Ensure that student employees are properly supporting the computer classroom and lab spaces by submitting service tickets to the Desktop Support Team as hardware and software issues arise. For larger impact technical issues, directly work with technical team on resolution. Monitor the computer classrooms and labs to make sure are properly staffed, and equipment is operational. Establish that locations are clean, and that ample lab supplies (for example, paper, staples, scissors) are available. Facilitate quarterly cleaning projects, manage the digital displays, and maintain support relationships with the University Studies Department (UNST) and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Department (CLAS) based on our Memorandums of Understanding with them.
- Support Materials (10%): Produce technical and procedural materials for internal and external use in addition to updating existing documentation and media located within Google Drive, Confluence, the public-facing OIT website, and the internal Google Sites team site, as well as updating computer labs and classrooms posters and signage.
- Scheduling (5%): Scheduling room reservations for Saturday Academy classes, ad-hoc requests for Cramer Hall 01, and other internal OIT meetings. There may be instances where external clients have to be invoiced for room reservations.
- Other Duties As Assigned (5%)

Skills and Requirements
- Experience working in a college/university environment
- Knowledge of a variety of computer classroom and lab equipment and control systems
- 2 years of computer classrooms and labs support
- Ability to work in a fast-paced university environment
- Demonstrated project and time management skills
- Demonstrated ability to be both a team leader and team player
- Experience leading teams of student employees in an IT environment

We ask our employees and applicants (that’s you!) to align with our OIT Attributes for Success.
- Coaching: you appropriately give, accept, and incorporate feedback from others.
- Communication: you exchange information and ideas well, verbally and in writing; communication is an essential tool for productivity and strong working relationships in OIT.
- Emotional Intelligence: you possess the capacity to be aware of, manage, and express your emotions; you handle interpersonal relationships with empathy and safety, enabling diverse types of people to work together.
- Proactive: you recognize and initiate opportunities to take action and prevent potential problems or threats.
- Teamwork: you identify with the larger organizational team and your role within it; you share resources, respond to requests, and support our organizational strategy.

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