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Camp Caldera Environmental Educator

Caldera, Sisters, OR

Job - Non-Profit

Close Date: 03/31/2019

Position Title: Environmental Educator
Supervisor: Camp Manager
Salary/Rate of Pay: $115-135/day depending on experience with Caldera
Room and board provided during days with programming; room only during non-programming days. (Non-programing days are July 16th, July 28th-29th, And August 9th-10th. A light dinner will be provided on staff arrival days. Brunch is served on the last day of each session).
Location: This is a seasonal position at our Arts Center (31500 Blue Lake Drive, Sisters, OR 97756)

Must be available on the following dates and times to start each session:
Arrive between 11:00 am-12:00 pm July 12 for Staff Training July 12-15
Arrive between 1:00-2:00 pm July 17* for the Immersion 1 session July 18-27
Arrive between 4:00-5:00 pm July 30* for the Immersion 2 session July 31-Aug 8
Arrive between 4:00-5:00 pm Aug 11* for the Discovery session Aug 12-19
*Indicates Half day compensation

Choose one or more sessions; placement is dependent on availability & scheduling
(must be available for all dates in session(s) chosen)
Immersion: July 18-27 Working with 11th-12th graders
Immersion 2: July 31 - August 8 Working with 9th-10th graders
Discovery: August 12-19 Working with 7th-8th graders

Environmental Education at Caldera:
The goal of Caldera's Environmental Education program is to inspire curiosity about nature and help students build lasting connections to the environment. We hope to increase student knowledge of the natural history of Caldera's land in Central Oregon and to develop a sense of place through an emphasis on direct sensory exploration of the diverse habitats immediately surrounding camp. Campers may learn about trout habitats while wading barefoot in the creek, make observational sketches of forest regrowth with charcoal from wildfire-charred trees, and taste wild mint during a field lesson in ethnobotany. Many of them experience just being kids in the outdoors for the first time in their lives. Beyond lessons taught in the context of class, Caldera uses common daily practices to model environmental responsibility. Campers weigh the amount of food that is thrown away at the end of each meal and graph the reduction of waste over the course of their stay at camp. Fruit and vegetable matter are separated for compost to nourish our vegetable garden. It is our hope that when complemented by discussion, hands-on activities like these help students draw connections between environmental lessons learned at camp and the far-reaching ecological impact of small choices they make everyday at home.

Position overview:
The Environmental Educator will create and implement environmental curriculum and incorporate program goals into daily sessions, inspire curiosity about nature, and build connections to the environment. This position will facilitate discussions about environmental justice with a population that has historically been marginalized in the environmental movement.

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