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Right-of-Way Agent 2

Clackamas County, Oregon City

Job - Government

Close Date: 06/26/2019

This Job Posting closes at 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) on June 26th, 2019.
IMPORTANT DATES (Anticipated Recruitment Schedule):
• Application Deadline: June 26th
• Application Review: Tentatively the week of July 1st
• 1st round of interviews: Tentatively week of July 15th

Clackamas County proudly offers an attractive compensation and benefits package, including competitive wages, cost-of-living adjustments, merit increases (for eligible employees) and a robust sick and vacation plan for regular status employees.
We encourage and support employee health and wellness by offering a variety of gym membership discounts, annual wellness fairs and alternative care benefits, so you can customize your wellness needs to fit your lifestyle.
This is a full time (40 hour per week) County position represented by the AFSCME
Competitive compensation package:
Annual Salary Range: $63,354 - $79,920
Hourly Pay Rate: $30.45 - $38.42
Attractive benefits package and incentives for employees in regular status positions are detailed below.
Generous paid time off package, including:
• 12 hours of vacation accrued per month
• 8 hours of sick leave accrued per month
• 9 paid holidays and 1 personal day per year
Employer paid 6% PERS retirement contribution
• A Choice of Medical Plans with Vision and Prescription Drug Coverage
• A Choice of Dental Plans
• Chiropractic Coverage and Alternative Care Benefit
• Robust wellness programs, including gym discounts and wellness education classes
• A variety of optional benefits (see Benefits section below)
• Longevity pay

The Department of Transportation and Development is seeking an experienced, team oriented, and quality-focused Right of Way Agent 2 to acquire rights of way and other needed real property rights for the construction of County roads, bridges, and related projects and perform other work as required with an emphasis in the areas of Capital Project Construction, Road and Bridge Maintenance, and Development requirements for land use and permitting. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience acquiring real property rights in accordance with Federal and State law and providing Relocation assistance to displaced persons, preferably in both the public and private sectors. The candidate will possess strong organizational and communication skills, and will display flexibility and a willingness to learn in all aspects of the job. Candidates should present a proven track record of working in a professional and positive team-oriented environment.
The Right of Way Agent 2 works under the lead and direction of the Right of Way Agent Senior and requires the use of independence, initiative and discretion to perform all functions necessary to acquire property rights in accordance with County policies and procedures, State statutes, and Federal law. This position supports the Engineering Division with capital projects and works closely with the Survey and Development Plan Review Divisions to acquire property rights through land use and development permitting requirements and the Transportation Maintenance Division to acquire property rights for various maintenance related projects. The candidate will be expected to perform all work required to meet right-of-way needs on projects, and to oversee right of way consultants contracted for appraisal, acquisition, and relocation assistance. This level of work requires a high level of public contact.
Required Minimum Qualifications/ Transferrable Skills:*
• A minimum of three (3) years of experience acquiring real property rights under the power of eminent domain in accordance with Federal and State law.
• Experience providing Relocation Assistance in accordance with the Federal Uniform Act.
• Experience preparing 40-Day Offer documents and documents conveying various property rights.
• Working knowledge of various types of property descriptions, legal descriptions, instruments of ownership and conveyance, title reports, writing escrow closing instructions, roadway engineering plans, eminent domain appraisals and various methods of real property valuation.
• Experience communicating verbally and in writing in a professional environment to a varierty of internal and external stakeholders.
• A minimum of two (2) years of experience preparing detailed letters and correspondence.
• Extensive experience performing online research to support the various aspects of Right of Way related work.
• Experience successfully working under pressure, managing and juggling priorities, meeting deadlines, and managing time efficiently while maintaining a high level of accuracy and attention to detail.
• Experience creating and cultivating effective working relationships with a variety of stakeholders (ie. coworkers, design professionals, consultants and members of the public.)
• Excellent interpersonal skills that translate into:
a. Experience exercising tact and good judgment while working with a variety of internal and external stakeholders;
b. Ability to use a collaborative, team-oriented approach to work;
c. Ability to use effective active listening skills;
d. Demonstration of effective problem solving skills;
e. Ability to maintain composure in difficult, stressful and quickly emerging situations; and,
f. Ability to handle a wide range of situations and circumstances effectively, positively, and professionally.
• Possession of Notary Public in the State of Oregon.
• Driving is required for County business on a regular basis or to accomplish work. Incumbents must possess a valid driver's license, and possess and maintain an acceptable driving record throughout the course of employment. Learn more about the County's driving policy
Preferred Special Qualifications/ Transferrable Skills:*
• 3+ years of experience in a related field or similar position.
• A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited College/University in a related field.
• Right of Way experience working in both the private and public agency environment.
• Appraisal experience, qualificatied to perform appraisal waiver valuations.
• Experience managing the work of right of way consultants.
• Professional designation/certification from the International Right of Way Association (IRWA).
• Intermediate software skills including Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, Windows, Internet Browser.
*For Veterans qualified for Veteran’s Preference: If you believe you have skills that would transfer well to this position and/or special qualifications that relate to this position, please list those skills and/or qualifications in the open-ended question at the end of the application and explain how those skills and/or qualifications relate to this position.


Typical Job Duties may include but are not limited to the following:
1. Interfaces with DTD staff and other County departments-
Maintains and proffers County right-of-way standards, policies and procedures; provides assistance, advice, and guidance in right of way acquisition procedures and practices. Works with County Counsel to support the condemnation process by preparing documents or reviewing same prior to filing. Develops and maintains positive working relationships.
2. Interfaces with the Public and other Public Agencies-
Develops and Maintains positive working relationships. Presents the county position at public hearings on proposed and planned right-of-way acquisition projects. Presents information and explains policies and procedures to the public pertaining to County right-of-way acquisition. Investigates citizen inquiries and complaints and advises internal county departments as necessary, recommending corrective actions to resolve complaints. Interfaces with other local, state, and federal project partners in connection with right of way acquisition and relinquishment.
3. Interfaces with consultants-
Develops and maintains positive working relationships. Develops and provides consultants with documents, policies, procedures and other tools as needed to perform right of way services work under the contracted SOW. Analyzes acquisition offer packages, final report packages, and recommendation for condemnation packages prepared by consultants for errors or flaws, and compliance with County policies and procedures, State and Federal Law. Monitors schedule and budget performance of consultants; reviews and recommends invoices for approval.
4. Participates in project development-
Reviews plans for capital projects, maintenance projects, and development to determine adequacy of proposed property rights required as designed. Assists with right of way cost estimating. Examines, reviews and recommends changes as needed to legal descriptions for acquisitions and dedications. Develops Staff Reports and Resolutions of Necessity for Capital Improvement Projects.
5. Research-
Analyzes appraisals, preliminary title reports, vesting documents, leases, operating agreements, articles of organization, and other information to support the acquisition of ROW & ROE’s. Research and prepare comparable sales for internal property rights valuation estimates. Researches or directs technical or administrative staff to research and reviews information in support of developing acquisition and dedication documents including ownership information, legal descriptions, various maps, tax assessor information.
6. Documentation-
Maintains documentation & files in accordance with County ROW policies and procedures. Prepares all documents necessary to fulfill state and federal requirements for right of way acquisition offer packages and relocation benefit packages. Creates and maintains project databases containing ownership, site, valuation, and acquisition information. Effectively records a detailed accounting of all time spent on various work assignments and projects.
7. Right of Entry’s-
Contacts and advises property owners of contemplated projects, alternatives under consideration, and need for preliminary design work; obtains rights of entry for survey and other disciplines to enter private property for data collection. Works with property owners or tenants under occasionally difficult conditions to resolve issues or barriers to the County obtaining rights-of-entry. Tracks status of ROE requests and regularly reports to project team.
8. Negotiations-
Makes offers and, under direction of the Senior ROW Agent and Project PM, conducts negotiations for the acquisition of rights of entry, temporary or permanent easements, fee title, and other property rights needed for various types of County projects in accordance with all County policies and procedures, State statutes, and Federal law. Prepares or directs others to prepare ROW acquisition offer documents. Orders title work and opens escrow with outside service providers to close transactions that may include clearing all liens and encumbrances.
Makes decisions within established guidelines as to how to close (in house, subject to, with or without title insurance). Informs property owners of their rights, applicable laws, and regulations pertaining to County acquisition of private real property rights. Analyzes, understands and explains construction plans, environmental reports, appraisal reports, and title reports to property owners and other persons impacted by the County’s projects. Provides assistance during construction phase of projects with county landowner obligations.
9. Relocation-
Explains relocation assistance program and benefits to property owners and tenants; investigates and determines eligibility for relocation benefit payments; provides relocation advisory assistance to owners eligible for benefits under the Uniform Act. Prepares required relocation notices, monitors business moves, inspects residential properties and processes claim packages.
10. Appraisals-
Contracts for appraisals and review appraisals from independent appraisers to determine the value of easements or other real property rights to be acquired in accordance with applicable laws, county policies and procedures. Reviews appraisals and reviews for accuracy and compliance with contract SOW. Understands the need for the various types of appraisals including appraisal waivers, partial acquisitions, easement valuations, taking and damages, and before-and-after. Performs market analysis to determine real estate values. May be authorized to provide Appraisal Waivers for simple valuations in accordance with the Uniform Act.
11. Asset Management-
Assist in the sale of excess property not required for roadway improvement.

Thorough knowledge of:
• Oregon state statutes concerning right of way and real property acquisition, including ORS Chapter 35; Federal law governing real property acquisition for Federally funded projects including the Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act; ODOT Right of Way Manual.
• Various types of property descriptions, i.e. metes and bounds, centerline; legal descriptions; instruments of conveyance; title reports; Phase I and II environment assessments; roadway engineering plans; Oregon real estate law; Oregon contract law; closing, escrow, title insurance; basic accounting principles; property management; real property tax assessments; typical tools and technology required to perform the duties of this position; right of way cost estimating; survey, assessor, terrain, and plat maps.
• Principles and practices of right of way acquisition in Oregon; keeping a diary; preparing offer packages in accordance with State and Federal law; negotiating settlements; writing escrow instructions; clearing title.
• Various aspects of providing Relocation Benefit Assistance in accordance with the Uniform Act for residential and business properties.
• Various methods of real property valuation including appraisal waivers, partial acquisitions, full acquisitions, easement valuation, taking and damage appraisal, before and after appraisal; USPAP; principles and practices of real property valuation, e.g. scope of work, H&BU analysis, approaches to value, etc.; basic mathematics required for real estate market analysis.
Skill to:
• Communicate effectively when performing all duties with an emphasis on minimizing conflicts and promoting consensus and agreement; write clear and concise correspondence; communicate effectively with people in a wide variety of situations.
• Plan, prioritize, manage, and coordinate right of way acquisitions for various projects, work under pressure, keep commitments, take responsibility for deadlines, follow through with work assignments, work in a team environment.
• Monitor and review the work of staff and/or consultants and provide feedback, guidance, and direction in a professional manner consistent with County best practices, policies and procedures; implement up to date right of way acquisition standards.
• Produce accurate and efficient work products; keep organized and detailed records; follow established policies and procedures;
• Perform research for the various duties of this job classification; use digital, hard, proprietary, and public sources to assemble enough information so as to determine vesting, contact, signing authority, boundary, property, and other information to a reasonable degree of certainty; organize and analyze various pieces of information and maps; pay attention to detail.
• Negotiate settlements for needed property rights; be creative in finding win/win solutions to settlement obstacles; listen carefully to property owner feedback; observe and identify patterns of behavior; coordinate with various team members to make settlement decisions.


Occasional duties in the field require walking, twisting, balancing, and involve exposure to inclement weather, noise, and slippery and/or uneven surfaces.


This position works 40 hours during a standard workweek of Monday through Friday. Specific hours of work will be discussed with the candidate selected for this position at the time an offer of employment is extended.


Clackamas County is in a prime location in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area and is recognized nationally as one of the most livable areas in the United States. Located on the southern edge of the City of Portland and extending to the top of Mt. Hood, Clackamas County is part of a thriving region in the Northwest. It has a population of about 400,000 citizens
The mission of the Department of Transportation and Development is to provide transportation maintenance and construction, neighborhood enhancement, land use, planning, permitting, and dog services to residents, property owners, businesses and the traveling public so they and future generations can experience and invest in a healthy, safe and livable community. The purpose of the Transportation Engineering and Construction program is to provide survey, design, right of way, construction and project management services to the public so they can safely and efficiently connect with goods, services, employment, and people.
DTD staff are responsible for providing a wide variety of vital services to Clackamas County residents and businesses in a respectful, dignified manner that acknowledges the needs and wishes of our customers while staying true to the letter and the spirit of laws, codes and the commitment of the County to the well-being of its communities. The Department is dedicated to providing excellent customer service in the spirit of County core values of service, professionalism, integrity, respect, individual accountability and trust.
As part of the Department of Transportation and Development (DTD), the Transportation Engineering and Construction program group is a team-oriented group of employees responsible for nearly all aspects of designing and constructing projects within the County’s Five-Year Transportation Capital Improvement Program. This group acquires right-of-way for, and manages the construction of capital projects. Types of projects include road improvements, bridge rehabilitation and replacement, traffic engineering, traffic safety, fish-friendly culvert replacements, and bike/pedestrian projects. At any one time there are approximately 30 projects in various phases of planning, design, construction and right of way acquisition. Clackamas County is responsible for an extensive transportation network throughout the County that includes approximately 1,400 miles of roads, 180 bridges, 8,100 culverts, one ferry, as well as a substantial system of sidewalks and bicycle lanes. Learn more about the divisions in DTD


Clackamas County only accepts fully completed online applications.
Clackamas County does not offer visa sponsorships. Within three days of hire, applicants will be required to complete an I-9 and confirm authorization to work in the United States.
Clackamas County is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We value diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential elements that create and foster a welcoming workplace. All qualified persons will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, political affiliation, disability or any other factor unrelated to the essential functions of the job.
If you wish to identify yourself as a qualified person with a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act and would like to request an accommodation, please address the request to the Department of Human Resources prior to the recruitment close date. You may request an accommodation during the online application process.

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