Job Details

Learning Gardens Laboratory Manager

Portland State University, Portland, Oregon

Job - Education

Close Date: 11/30/2019

Position Summary
The LGL Laboratory Manager provides the necessary coordination and stewardship of the Learning Gardens Lab site, including its partnerships and programs. Internal to PSU, this includes focused time to build capacity for more broad-based PSU faculty involvement, student engagement, and financial support across departments at PSU.

Externally, the Laboratory Manager provides cohesion and coordination among a diverse array of community partners involved with the site and its programs. Collectively, the work of the LGL Laboratory Manager is essential for elevating the role of the LGL in addressing PSU’s commitment to applied sustainability learning and community-engaged teaching, learning, and research. The LGL Laboratory Manager reports directly to LGL Faculty Coordinator (currently in the College of Education), and to the LGL Steering Committee (representatives from UNST, CUPA, CSO, RGS, and COE).

Minimum Qualifications
• Masters degree or higher.
• 3+ years experience teaching, mentoring, and/or advising youth, student leaders, and/or graduate students.
• Experience with sustainability leadership, including planning and facilitating collaborative meetings, consensus-based decision-making, horizontal leadership.
• Experience teaching at the college level. Able to facilitate holistic learning that is experiential, collaborative, place-based, culturally relevant, and to assess student work.
• Strong written and oral communication skills.
• Ability to network and build relationships with a diverse array of individuals and organizations.
• Commitment to social, ecological and economic justice and working with urban underrepresented and underserved populations.
• Experience building partnerships with community organizations focused on sustainability.
• Experience in developing and managing educational programs.
• Knowledge of and experience working in university systems.
• Administrative experience including budgeting, tracking information, writing reports etc.
• Experience in program outreach and communication (ie newsletters, e-mail, social media).
• Experience planning and implementing large community events.
• Farm and/or Garden-based educational experience.
• 2+ seasons of farming and/or gardening experience.

Preferred Qualifications
• Plant cultivation/horticultural experience.
• Experience coordinating fundraising events and grant writing.
• Experience in culturally diverse settings.
• Evidence of effective teaching and leading in higher education that includes community-based, participatory, experiential, and service-learning methods.
• Ability to use technology as a tool for teaching and leadership.
• Spanish or other bilingual/multilingual language abilities.

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