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Senior Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails

New Relic, Portland, OR

Job - Technology

Close Date: 06/24/2019

New Relic
Senior Software Engineer, Ruby on Rails
Portland, Oregon

The RPM team is responsible for the core Ruby codebase which powers APM, New Relic’s flagship product. Our sophisticated Rails app provides some of the key data and services to run several of our growing products. We are looking for an experienced engineer to help build, maintain and continue to scale the Rails application and provide a frictionless development experience to all the product teams.

This is an opportunity to work on a team central to our continued success and growth. You will be part of a close-knit team that values positive communication, supports each other to do our best work and continually learns. We are operationally responsible for the flagship product that drives 85% of our web traffic!
New Relic makes tools for developers. We use our own products to help us solve our problems.

Examples of what you might work on:
Significantly refactor legacy Ruby code to improve code maintainability and efficiency
Break out a major application feature into its own service to make it more scalable and reliable
Build a continuous delivery tool to support engineers’ need to try out code live before deploying
Make our deployment system faster and easier for developers
Re-architect our complex application to migrate it from legacy hardware into our scalable Docker-based platform
Leverage production incidents to make critical improvements to the performance and reliability of systems
Maintain a Jenkins and Docker-based CI pipeline that pushes our flagship product to our customers on a daily basis

What working on this team is like
The team is operationally minded, not your standard product development team of SE’s, that comes with maintaining a large legacy system
We work with some of the smartest, kindest people you'll meet. People who work here say the problems they work on are enormously challenging, and that the team culture is the most supportive they've seen.
Our customers are our fellow engineers, so we have easy access to feedback. We experience the impact our work is having. We take pride in providing services with great availability and ease of use.
New Relic is growing and adding new products to our platform at a steady rate. This means our services need to be accessible and easy to use. We'll be connected to both new and established teams consuming our services. We frequently cross-team collaborate, liaising with multiple teams across the organization
We own everything about our services from concept through to operations.
We ship incrementally and often. Once we merge code we normally want to ship it straight away.
The team is responsible for 24/7 production support, we have an on-call rotation and a mature and robust incident response process
We’re in charge of our process and we're free to improve on it.

How do you know if you're right for this job?
Dev-ops - You are operationally minded, understand config as code, and the value of CI
You enjoy process improvement, enabling smooth daily deployment of continuous delivery pipeline
You’ve done enough development to understand trade-offs needed for performance and scalability
You enjoy the practice of code archeology to discover ways to effectively and safely make changes to established systems
You understand the value that tools and automation bring to an engineering team's ability to effectively develop and reliably operate high scale systems
You’d enjoy working collaboratively with a team of talented people, doing code reviews and providing constructive feedback to your teammates
You are constantly looking to improve the development experience; making other developer’s lives easier gives you great joy and pride

Not sure if this is you?
We're hiring at all experience levels, and we're particularly interested in having a diverse team, with a broad set of skills and viewpoints. If this seems like your dream job, but you're not sure if you qualify, apply anyway! We'll carefully consider every applicant that takes the time to apply for this specific position. We'll either move forward with you, find other teams that are good fits, keep in touch for later opportunities, or thank you for your time.

Interested? Send along
Your online identity (e.g. Github, Twitter, blog, portfolio). If you don't have a profile on Github, links to code samples are also helpful.
Resume or CV
Cover Letter that describes a time (or times) when a project you were leading depended upon others for its success. Have you ever needed to drum up consensus to get things done? Listen to another team’s needs or challenges so you could help them help you? Tell us about it!

Please note, this position is not eligible for visa sponsorship.

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