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Substitute Direct Care Staff

Janus Youth Programs, Inc., Portland

Job - Non-Profit

Close Date: 11/30/2018

Janus Youth Programs is hiring Substitute Direct Care Staff for a variety of locations.

Each of these positions provide social services for youth in a variety of capacities. Generally including supervision, crisis intervention, and behavior management. Great for college students or individuals entering the social service field with a focus on youth services!

Substitute Workers work on an as-needed, sporadic basis. There is no guarantee of scheduled hours. Because the program is staffed 24-hours per day, 365 days per year, substitute workers must have some flexibility in their availability and, generally, must be able to work overnight shifts, as well as weekends and holidays. Relief Workers who do not work for 6 consecutive months are normally removed from the employment rolls. However, this schedule may be adjusted according to the needs of the program.

Please note that each program location may have different requirements, title, and pay scale for the substitute worker position. You may find more information for each on our website or by following the corresponding links below:

Relief Crisis Intake Specialist (Inner NE)
Relief Residential Counselor (Inner NE)
Substitute Care and Support Specialist (Downtown)
Substitute Direct Care Staff (Outer SE)
Substitute Direct Care Staff (Inner SE)
Substitute Direct Care Staff (Inner SE)
Substitute Skills Trainer (North Portland)
Substitute Skills Trainer (Tigard)
Substitute Youth Care Specialist (Vancouver, WA)

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