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Engagement Coach- Swing

Columbia Sportswear Company

Job - Corporate/Business

Close Date: 06/14/2019

Contribute to the smooth and efficient distribution of Columbia Sportswear product by providing technical training and personal support to new and existing associates in all production departments. Actively assist supervisors with identifying opportunities for associates to improve job methods in order to achieve safety, quality and efficiency goals. Help develop employees to become involved in keeping individual and team objectives in focus.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

•Work closely with new associates, using a training schedule to teach proper and safe operational job functions and tasks.

•Continue engaging with existing employees after their initial training, implementing an agenda featuring motivating methods to continue nurturing employees’ experiences and positive progression.

• Objectively and fairly observe employees as they learn. Communicate and demonstrate techniques that will help associates understand how to excel and to attain individual and team objectives.

•Help assess and adapt to individual learning styles and preferences. Initiate interactions and employ encouragement to highlight and influence success, continuing to use a “show” approach as is appropriate to the individual.

•Training areas may include, but are not limited to, all DC departments’ operations, procedures, policies and overall safety.

•Help supervisors determine when an employee meets minimum requirements. Identify best practices that associates use to achieve satisfactory results.

•Demonstrate methodical time management practices to ensure prompt feedback is provided to supervisors regarding employees’ skill strengths.

•Be proactive in notifying supervisors when opportunities for improvement are noticed to maximize individual efficiency and team productivity.

•Adapt to busy seasons when temporary staff hiring is more frequent. Adapt to time periods and circumstances during which a higher percentage of time will be spent on individual training.

•When training needs are reduced or as circumstances dictate, demonstrate flexibility to perform other secondary duties as assigned, which may include any or all routine DC Associate job functions.

•Consistently demonstrate for all staff an ability to professionally and calmly handle busy production demands and respectfully interact with co-workers to accomplish common tasks and production goals.

•Attendance and punctuality are essential functions to this position.

Secondary Functions:

•Help prepare and assist during various employee appreciation events.

•Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Scope:

Job has regular and recurring work situations in terms of tasks performed with occasional variations from the norm. Incumbent follows established departmental practices and procedures. Duties are performed with specific directions given and work is checked visually and by results. Decisions are made within specific department guidelines. Job involves a moderate degree of complexity and duties are performed under close supervision. Errors in judgment may result in a reduction in productivity due to poorly trained employees or accuracy problems with the flow of product from the Distribution Center.

Interpersonal Contacts:

Contacts are normally made with others inside the organization. Internal contacts include other department members and other Distribution Center departments. Interactions tend to focus on information exchange and receiving directions. Contacts never contain confidential/sensitive information. Incumbent may initiate contacts on his/her own with the majority being face-to-face interaction.

Supervisory Responsibility:

Position is not supervisory in nature

Specific Job Skills:

•Possess relevant warehouse operations knowledge.

•Ability to read, write, speak, and comprehend English language instructions.

•Intermediate computer skills including applicable knowledge and understanding of WMS, spreadsheets, and word processing.

•Ability to perform repetitive arm/shoulder movements, and regularly lift/carry up to 40 pounds.

•Physical ability to stand for extended periods of time on concrete or metal grating.

•Ability to handle personnel needs and concerns in a professional, discreet, and respectful manner.

•Model time management in order to help associates meet learning milestones.


High School education or equivalent


One to two years of experience in a distribution center environment. Demonstrated capacity for performing the job functions of a successful and productive DC Associate. A demonstrated aptitude for training and motivating others, for identifying gaps in job methods, and for communicating techniques that will help others attain individual and team objectives.

Job Conditions:

Job may require that hours exceed 8 hours per day and/or 40 hours per week to complete priority projects. Exposure to distribution center machinery/equipment such as conveyor belts, forklifts, and loading docks. Exposure to computer CRT.

This job description is not meant to be an all-inclusive list of duties and responsibilities, but constitutes a general definition of the position's scope and function in the company.

EEO/AA Employer/Vets/Disabled/Race/Ethnicity/Sex/Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity/Age