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Senior Software Engineer - Cassandra

New Relic, Portland, OR

Job - Technology

Close Date: 07/08/2019

New Relic
Senior Software Engineer - Cassandra
Portland, Oregon

Your Opportunity
New Relic is looking for a passionate software engineer to join our Data Platform team and work on the high-performance, big data components that power New Relic's world-class suite of software analytics products.

If you love scale and want to contribute to one of the largest and fastest growing big data platforms in the world we’d love to hear from you. If the idea of working on systems that process millions of messages per second and handle petabytes of data excites you, then you may be exactly who we're looking for.

In general, New Relic's engineering culture emphasizes team autonomy. This means that the team gets to choose how it does work, and what it works on (as long as this is generally aligned with the business' priorities). It also means that we work to reduce dependencies between teams, allowing a team to work at optimal velocity without blocking on others.

What You’ll Do
Developing tooling and automation in support of New Relic’s Cassandra infrastructure supporting the storage and retrieval of timeslice data in systems that power New Relic's advanced analytics querying capabilities
Drastically reducing the operational costs associated with managing several clusters comprised of hundreds of Linux servers
Operationalizing horizontally scalable data stores and configuring systems for high reliability
Improving our deployment and testing automation pipelines to ensure we can continue to move quickly and with confidence
Running “game days” to test assumptions about reliability and learn what will break before it matters to customers.
Reviewing and participating in the creation of system architectures and designs with an eye toward increasing the holistic stability of our platform and identifying potential risks.
Improving our monitoring and alerting systems to make sure engineers get paged when it matters (and don’t get paged when it doesn’t.)

What Working On This Team Is Like
We work with some of the smartest, nicest people you'll meet. People who work here say the problems they work on are enormously challenging, and that the team culture is the most supportive they've seen.
We like pairing/mobbing but are not dogmatic about it. Pairing is a tool, not a lifestyle.
We're a confederacy of peers. We all work together on design decisions, testing methodologies, etc.
Our customers are our fellow engineers, so we have easy access to feedback. We experience the impact our work is having. We take pride in providing services with great availability and ease of use.
New Relic is growing and adding new products to our platform at a steady rate. This means our services need to be accessible and easy to use. We'll be connected to both new and established teams consuming our services.
We own everything about our services from concept through to operations and support. We invest in keeping our operational overhead to a minimum while still being dependable and responsive to support needs.
We ship incrementally and often. Once we merge code we normally want to ship it straight away.
We own our process and we're free to improve on it.

Your Qualifications
You have experience in writing significant software in Python, or Go, or Ruby. If you’re comfortable in Java, all the better.
You have experience ( > 1 year) in operating and extending Cassandra in sizable high-throughput production environments.
You have experience applying DevOps principles to large-scale distributed systems
You are experienced with, and comfortable with working with team members both remote and local on a daily basis.
You are excited by mentoring and up-leveling your peers in topics for which you are a subject matter expert.
You've worked with high-throughput, highly-available services running on Kubernetes or other container orchestration systems
You understand the value that build and test automation brings to a development team's efficiency and reliability and are passionate about applying these techniques to your projects

Interested? Send along:
Your online identity: Github, Twitter, blog, and portfolio. If you don't have a profile on Github, links to code samples are also helpful
Resume or CV
Cover Letter in which you tell us about your DevOps mindset and the proudest achievement you’ve had applying it

Please note that visa sponsorship is not available for this position.

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