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Costume & Makeup Design Teacher

Northwest Academy, Portland, Oregon

Job - Education

Close Date: 09/30/2019

Northwest Academy is seeking a Costume and Makeup Design teacher for the 2019-20 school year.
Northwest Academy is a progressive, independent middle school and high school located in
downtown Portland. We emphasize proficiency-based curriculum and assessment, high
expectations, creativity, and student-centered classrooms. We value an inclusive, caring culture that
supports and challenges students, that is sensitive to their developmental needs, and that ultimately
guides students to celebrate their emerging independence and individual spirit. Teachers have
significant independence when it comes to motivating students to meet proficiencies and to get
excited about their subjects.

Northwest Academy teachers recognize that participating in a professional community and
contributing to the school’s wellbeing is an important element of their relationship to our school. As
a result, teachers are expected to take active roles in the school’s professional and student culture in
a variety of ways in addition to their primary teaching.

Position Title: Costume Design Teacher

Department: Performing Arts

Reports To: High School Director

FTE: .2

The Costume Design Teacher is responsible for teaching high school costume design classes.
Classes feature students at all levels, from beginning to more advanced. The Costume Design
Teacher is a member of the Performing Arts Department and is expected to participate in the
development and activities of the Performing Arts program.

• Developing and delivering Costume Design curriculum leading students toward mastery of
essential skills and techniques;
• Instructing students on the effective, responsible, and safe use of the green room and
costume storage areas;
• Maintain safe and clean work and storage spaces;
• Effective and efficient organization and operation of the green room and costume storage
• Guiding students to help realize a collective vision of costume design come to fruition in a
myriad of productions throughout the year;

• Teach classes as assigned, providing effective and professional classroom instruction,
assessment, and management;
• Design and implement curriculum and instruction consistent with the philosophy, values,
and standards of the Visual Arts program;
• Establish effective communication with students and parents;
• Support the mission, values, program, and goals of Northwest Academy and its respective
divisions and programs;
• Help to maintain school policies, regulations, and expectations;
• Develop and maintain professional, collaborative, and collegial relationships;
• Exhibit a growth mindset about best practices and work toward professional goals and
• Actively participate in the school culture and community;
• Provide effective supervision of students to promote a safe and healthy environment and
school experience.
• Participate in required non-classroom activities, including Back to School Night(s),
parent/student conferences, retreats, faculty and department meetings, field trips, special
activity and performance days, and
• Timely and professional completion of required reports and forms, including grade reports,
student accommodation surveys, permission slips, and letters of recommendation.

• Earned Bachelor’s Degree, or higher, from a regionally accredited institution of higher
education—equivalent educational or professional experiences in the arts also will be
considered where applicable;
• Expertise and teaching experience in the subject area(s) to be taught;
• Apparel and makeup design and construction experience;
• Knowledge of fashion, hair, and makeup design as related to story and character
development, and historical accuracy;
• General knowledge of various makeup applications and sewing techniques;
• Demonstrated passion for and success working with young adolescent and adolescent
• Excellent verbal, written, and digital communication skills; ability to effectively communicate
and work as a team with administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and students;
• Proficiency in a Mac environment, as well as with Google Drive, Google Docs and Apps,
word processing, database, electronic grading software, and other classroom and teaching
technologies, including audio/visual equipment;
• The ability to create an effective learning environment and interact effectively with people
from different cultures and experiences;
• An awareness about difference and how it can expand teaching practices and student
success; and
• An ability to learn from and build on varying cultural and community norms of students and
their families.

• Advanced degrees in the subject area(s) to be taught and/or degrees in education;
• 3+ years of successful teaching experience in middle school and/or high school classrooms;
• Demonstrated success at developing curriculum and educational opportunities for students
within and outside of the classroom environment;


This is a teaching position with an academic school year. Teachers are expected to be on-campus or
actively involved in the school community during their scheduled classes and for an established
percentage of their non-classroom hours. There are some required commitments outside of regular
school hours as needed, including evening and weekend commitments, as well as accompanying
students on various experiential activities throughout the year.
Northwest Academy staff recognize that participating in a professional community and contributing
to the school’s wellbeing is an important element of their relationship to our school. As a result,
staff members are expected to take active roles in the school’s professional and student culture in a
variety of ways in addition to their essential responsibilities.

Physical requirements are consistent with light physical duties required of teachers generally. The
school is spread out across five buildings covering multiple blocks in downtown Portland, so
teachers may have to move between buildings during five-minute passing periods or to attend
meetings around campus. The school does not provide parking for all staff members, so metered
street or lot parking might be required.

Interested candidates can find instructions for applying for this position on the Northwest Academy
Careers Page.

Northwest Academy is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to welcoming and celebrating a diverse student
and faculty population. We believe every employee has the right to work in an environment free from all forms of
unlawful discrimination. It is the policy of the school that employment decisions for all applicants and employees will
be made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, genetic
information, marital status, veteran status, disability or other characteristics protected under local, state or federal law.
No employee will be retaliated against for raising concerns under this policy. We seek each employee’s contribution and
assistance in helping us maintain equal employment opportunity.