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Senior Procurement Specialist

City of Portland

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Close Date: 08/02/2019

The City of Portland, Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services is seeking qualified Senior Procurement Specialists to fill multiple positions.

This recruitment will remain open until 150 applications have been received or until the posted closing date, Friday, August 2, 2019, whichever comes first. Applications received after the 150 application limit has been reached will not be included in this recruitment process.

The Bureau of Revenue and Financial Services (BRFS) is overseen by the City's Chief Financial Officer and provides centralized financial services, revenue collection, business regulation, financial reporting and compliance to all City bureaus. BRFS is an organization of 170 employees with an annual operating budget of $77 million, and includes the seven divisions of Accounting, Debt Management, Grants Management, Procurement Services, Revenue, Risk, and Treasury. For more information regarding BRFS click here.

The position ensures that the procurement processes are fair, transparent, defensible, and performed in accordance with all legal requirements. Depending on the assigned workgroup, process areas may include formal commodities, services, or construction projects. The incumbent will have experience conducting low-bid solicitations as well as writing and administering complex and multi-step invitations to bid and requests for proposals.

In the daily performance of duties, the Senior Procurement Specialist will:
•Work with bureau staff, management, and appointed and elected officials in the development of Council documents, solicitations, recommendations for award, negotiations and resulting contracts.
•Inform and advise bureau staff, project managers, and vendors regarding compliance with public procurement laws and regulations, including but not limited to State and Federal statutes, City Code, and applicable City programs, including Social Equity and Sustainable Contracting requirements.
•Ensure City solicitation processes are fair and equitable, and designed to attract diverse and responsive bids and proposals.
•Attend public meetings including pre-proposal, pre-bid, Council sessions, and speak publicly in defense of the procurement process employed.
•Conduct trainings for City Staff, vendors, and outside agencies with respect to procurement process, policies, programs and goals.
•Work with City staff, vendors, and members of the public to resolve questions, conflicts, and protests arising during the solicitation process.
•Employ critical thinking skills and experience to negotiate contracts that effectively manage risk for the City.

Applicants for these positions may be assigned to one of the following four workgroups, depending on their experience or preference:

Services - Contracts professional and non-professional services, including but not limited to consulting, financial services, technology, business support and non-construction maintenance and repair services. Services may be contracted through the requests for proposals process but may also include cooperative procurements and other methodologies. Proposals may be assessed for value, price, experience, community standards or combined criteria. The successful candidate will be familiar with the variety of proposal types utilized and will be experienced in conducting proposal processes, including development or review of statements of work, selecting and guiding selection workgroups, and assuring that the process is fair and accurate.

Design Services – Procures the services of architects, engineers, and others related to the design and management of public improvement projects. Utilizes requests for proposals to acquire offers from qualified firms and leads the evaluation process. The incumbent should be experienced in professional services procurement and will possess excellent communication skills as well as acuity with details and organization.

Construction – Follows applicable laws, regulations and requirements to procure construction, repair and maintenance services. Depending on the type of project, value or other criteria, buyers may issue standard low-bid invitations or may conduct special procurements within legal guidelines. Conducts pre-bid meetings, provides answers, offers guidance, opens and evaluates bids, prepares contract documents and tracks activity in a specialized database. Includes Social Equity and Sustainable Procurement requirements as appropriate.

Goods – Procures materials, supplies and commodities utilized by bureaus in the operation and maintenance of the City. Procurements may be for one-time acquisitions of specified items or may result in price agreements. Goods buyers may be required to include Social Equity or Sustainability practices in their procurements and may employ a variety of methods including requests for proposals, which employ evaluated criteria for the selection of suppliers.

This classification is represented by the District Council of Trade Unions (DCTU). To view this labor agreement, please go to and click on the appropriate link.

Why join the City of Portland?
The City of Portland is committed to offering medical, dental, vision, basic life, and long-term disability coverage that provides quality care, support and value to eligible employees and their family members. Additional benefits such as flexible spending accounts, supplemental life insurance and employee assistance program coverage is available to ensure employees have the appropriate tools to safeguard themselves and their family. The City of Portland also participates in PERS, the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System. For more information on the City of Portland's benefits please click here.


The following minimum qualifications are required for this position: 1.Knowledge and experience administering the procurement process for projects including Annual Supply, Personal Services, and Construction projects as well as Alternative Contracting methodologies.
2.Ability and experience resolving problems, conflicts and protests which may occur during or as a result of the procurement process, and assuring that the processes are legal, transparent and effective and designed to attract diverse and responsive bids and proposals.
3.Ability and experience informing and advising bureaus and bidders on processes and requirements, while providing accurate and reliable information, developing and delivering useful and helpful reports, and delivering the information to a variety of audiences including City Council (or its equivalent) and additional appropriate Boards and Commissions.
4.Knowledge and experience applying the legal requirements for compliance with various governmental regulations including but not necessarily limited to State and Federal statutes, City Code, the Uniform Commercial Code, City Standard Construction Specifications and applicable programs.
5.Ability and experience establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with customers, staff, and the public to support outreach activities to attract diverse qualified technology contractors for businesses.
6.Skill and experience utilizing Microsoft Office software and the use of databases.


An evaluation of each applicant's training and experience, as demonstrated in their cover letter and resume weighted 100%. Do not attach materials not requested. Only candidates who meet the minimum qualifications will be placed on an equally ranked eligible list. You have 14 days from the notice of the examination results to let us know if you disagree with your results. Please read the City of Portland Administrative Rule 3.01 for complete information. Additional evaluation may be required prior to establishment of the eligible list and/or final selection.

Recruitment Timeline: •Position Posted: 07/08/19 - 08/02/19
•Applications Reviewed: 08/05/19
•Selection Interview(s): Week of 08/12/19

* Please note: All timelines are approximate and subject to change.


Application Instructions

Applicants must submit a cover letter and professional resume online, specifically focused on your qualifications for this position as identified in the "To Qualify" section of this announcement in accordance with the following Application Instructions:

Your résumé and cover letter will be the basis for our evaluation of your qualifications for this position. Incomplete or inappropriate information may result in disqualification.
•Your cover letter should include details describing your education, training and/or experience, and where obtained which clearly reflects your qualifications for each of the numbered items in the "To Qualify" section of this announcement.
•Your resume should support the details described in the cover letter.
•If you are requesting Veteran's Preference, as identified below, please describe in your cover letter any transferrable skills obtained during your military service and how they relate to each of the required minimum qualifications under the "To Qualify" section above.
•Your résumé and cover letter should be no more than a total of four (4) pages combined.

Applications for this position will be accepted, online, until 150 completed applications have been received, but will close no later than 11:59 PM, on August 2, 2019, whichever comes first. Do not attach materials not requested. Applications received after the 150 application limit has been reached will not be included in this recruitment process. E-mailed and/or faxed applications will not be accepted.

If you are requesting Veteran's Preference, attach a copy of your DD214 / DD215 and / or Veteran's Administration letter stating your disability to your profile, as well as checking the box identifying yourself as a Veteran. You must request Veteran's Preference AND include a copy of your documentation for each recruitment you apply for.

Veteran's Preference documentation must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM on the closing date of this recruitment.

Non-citizen applicants must be authorized to work in the United States at time of application.

It is the policy of the City of Portland that no person shall be discriminated against based on race, religion, color, sex, marital status, family status, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or source of income. The City values diversity and encourages everyone who is interested in employment with the City to apply. If you wish to identify yourself as an individual with a disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 and will be requesting accommodation, the requests must be made to the Analyst(s) named below No Later Than the Closing Date of This Announcement.

Teresa Dahrens, Senior Human Resources Analyst
Bureau of Human Resources
(503) 823-4516

An Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer


1120 SW 5th Ave, 404
Portland, OR 97204

Position #2019-00631

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