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Senior Energy Policy Analyst

State of Oregon, Salem

Job - Government

Close Date: 08/26/2019

Job Description:
Join PUC in this exciting opportunity, two (2) newly created positions that will give the right candidates insight and exposure to real-time evolution of regulatory and business issues affecting utility regulation and energy in the State of Oregon.

The energy industry is currently undergoing significant, if not revolutionary, changes. Technology innovation, changes in market structures, shifts in government jurisdiction, development of new products and services, and new environmental directives, are all having a profound effect in the energy sector.

The ideal candidates will be interested in providing expertise to agency leadership, and helping to lead efforts that shape the impacts of energy policy changes on regulated utilities.

An exciting and rewarding employment opportunity with the hottest topics in the electric and natural gas sector awaits you, APPLY NOW!

What you will do!
The Energy Resources and Planning Division focuses on policy option assessments and provides an in-depth understanding of how these policies and programs affect energy regulation in the State of Oregon and the potential to make a difference in the lives of millions of Oregonians.

These Senior Analyst positions will serve as technical, program, and policy advisors to PUC executive management in all regulatory matters involving solar, electric, and natural gas utilities. This also includes policy matters pertaining to both statewide and regional electricity systems.

Major duties include:

Analyze and provide professional recommendations that influence utility plans and compliance reports related to renewables and other customer-facing technology on the distribution system, and assist in the oversight and implementation of cutting-edge, voluntary utility programs and services in such areas as community solar and demand response.

Conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis that will shape utility IRPs to cost-effectively meet customer demand while balancing state policy goals for renewables and other clean tech.

Lead staff teams and external parties in the evaluation of utility resource actions, programs, and pilots. Develop positions regarding the alignment of activities with the broad interests of the state, ratepayers, and those least-able to afford energy services.

Inform PUC Commissioners, agency leadership, elected officials, utility providers, and other important organizations by applying a host of varied skills – from econometric analysis, energy market acumen, teamwork, research, and well-crafted written and oral presentations – to summarize PUC staff analysis and recommendations.

What’s in it for you!
Work with a group of dedicated professionals committed to advancing the state’s energy goals.
Directly advance cutting-edge energy policy through research, analysis, and regular interactions with a large network of energy professionals and organizations.
Play a crucial role in protecting Oregon ratepayers, while balancing the competing demands of industry and stakeholders.
Expand and build upon skills that are in high demand in the energy industry.
Work-life balance. Click here to learn more about Oregon’s quality of life!
Medical, vision, and dental coverage of employees and dependents, with paid sick leave, vacation, personal leave, ten paid holidays per year, and membership in the Public Employee Retirement System.

What are we looking for?
Dedication to make a difference in Oregon’s energy landscape.
Juris Doctorate or a post-graduate degree in Public Policy, Engineering, Finance, Economics or a closely related field.
Work experience developing public policies affecting utility operations and regulation.
Work experience performing independent analysis of energy-related issues.
Work experience that demonstrates knowledge of Federal energy-policy, State of Oregon energy-policy and the practical delivery of energy-related programs.
Demonstrated work experience that involves regulatory matters in areas such as planning and procurement of electricity generating resources, renewable programs, distribution system planning, carbon markets, utility operations, low-income programs, resource valuation methodologies, and electric vehicle infrastructure.
Work experience that demonstrates: independent problem solving; the ability to compose professional original written correspondence; summarize research and analysis into reports, white papers, etc.; diplomatic and effective verbal communication skills; the ability to present information in a public forum and effectively facilitate large meetings that involve stakeholders with conflicting views.

About the Organization:
PUC prides itself in being a great place to have a career. As a mid-size State of Oregon agency, we provide opportunity for employees to get to know each other in a comfortable and friendly environment. The PUC offices are located in downtown Salem, in close proximity to the State Capitol, and we maintain a Portland satellite office. For employees living in the Portland metro area, with supervisor approval, employees may work on-site at the satellite office one to two days per week.

PUC receives no General or Lottery funds. Commission responsibilities are funded through a per month fee on regulated natural gas, electric, telecommunication, and water utility bills.

How to Apply:
Please note: Grammar, clarity, conciseness, and professionalism of application materials will be considered as part of the evaluation process.
1) Click on the "Apply" link above to complete the online employment application.
2) Complete the application online and answer all supplemental questions.
3) Attach your resume to the online application.
4) Attach a cover letter, of not more than two pages, to the online application.

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