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Butterfly Conservation Research Intern – Oregon Zoo

Metro, Portland, Oregon

Internship - Government

Close Date: 01/21/2020

Deadline to apply: January 21, 2020 @ 5:00 PM, PST
Two Unpaid Internships

The Oregon Zoo's Butterfly Conservation Program is hosting two unpaid internships. The first is anticipated to start in mid-late February and end in May/June. The second is anticipated to start in April/May and end in August/September.

These internships are designed to be educational in nature and will provide students with real world experience that complements their academic training. We will work with each student to outline the nature, scope and appropriate schedule for the internship. Interns are expected to take on an 'independent study' during their term, typically focused on a particular aspect of captive husbandry, butterfly biology, ecosystem conservation, or an element of husbandry data not yet thoroughly explored.

The OZ Butterfly Conservation Program is one of the few programs that conducts research and conservation of threatened and endangered butterflies through captive rearing for release to the wild. The Conservation Butterfly Interns will have the opportunity to work both with keepers in the Imperiled Butterfly Lab and with Conservation Research staff.
Captive rearing
During the active rearing season, February – October, staff care for thousands of butterfly larvae that are cleaned and fed daily; dish washing, leaf (food) preparation, and record keeping are constant. The work can be tedious, the procedures are highly detailed and the margin for error very small.
Conservation Science
In addition to the captive rearing, our butterfly projects are Research Programs. Many of the records kept during husbandry routines are entered into a database to be summarized for reports and analyzed for comparison across rearing years &/or facilities. Each of Oregon Zoo's captive rearing projects are part of much larger Species Recovery Programs that include partners from federal, state and local agencies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Information about our Butterfly Conservation Programs can be found at:

At the Oregon zoo, we hire a workforce representative of the communities we serve, understanding that a diverse workforce strengthens our organization. We value diversity and support a positive and welcoming environment.

• Successful completion of at least one year of classes at an accredited institution of higher education including 1 year of general biology.
• Current enrollment in an accredited Institution of Higher Education. Internship must fulfill an academic requirement of an in a directly related field of study.
• Proficiency in computer use including word processing, manipulating spreadsheets, creating presentations, online research, and willingness to learn new software as necessary.
• Availability to dedicate 25-40 hours/week including one weekend day.
• Completion of tuberculosis testing (TB OFT Test) prior to start of internship (see more information below*).

Preferred additional experience, knowledge and skills.
• Coursework in conservation biology, ecology, invertebrate zoology, environmental science, chemistry, and research methods as well as applied field conservation or research experience.
• Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.
• Work autonomously and collaboratively.
• Keep supervisor informed of needs, problems and issues while they are still manageable.
• Set appropriate priorities to accomplish multiple goals on time.

To apply: visit for the complete job announcement and a link to our online hiring center.

Application requirements:
Please attach the following to your application
1) a curriculum vitae – including but not limited to:
• Current educational institution and any institutions of higher education you have attended previously
• Your area of education (major)
• Your expected graduation month & year
• List and describe, as related to the opportunities, activities, and minimum requirements below:
o lab and coursework
o research projects you have conducted or contributed to
o independent study opportunities you have completed
o other relevant academic skills or qualifications
• A list of your major subject area papers and presentations, do not attach actual paper or presentation to this application.
2) a letter of recommendation from your academic advisor or sponsor. A signed PDF may be attached to this electronic application, otherwise, please instruct your academic advisor or sponsor to submit the letter of recommendation separately from this application, directly to the following email address: and include "Letter of Recommendation_'applicant's last name'" in the subject line.
All materials must be received by the application deadline.

Metro is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer

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