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Project Manager

eROI, Portland

Job - Other

Close Date: 06/24/2019

Project Managers at eROI are the reliable “go-to” resources for the internal team. This role
requires digital experience and a strong understanding of managing personalized email
campaigns (preferably an integrated experience including web and social).
We look for proven self-sufficient workers that can motivate and collaborate with team
members, resource and schedule deliverables, and manage the execution of each project
effectively using agency tools and processes.
Tasks + Expectations:
Management: Oversee resourcing and project management of day-to-day tasks related to
Partner work with the ability to pivot quickly and realign in order to meet project goals.
Actively manage workflow, resources and project schedules and consistently monitor
and recommend solutions. Provide oversight for team members and manage financial
and run rate analysis while monitoring resource needs.
Organize: Keep the internal communication and workflows organized and ensure all
team members have access to necessary files and materials. Utilize existing process and
resources to document interactions. Create and recommend new processes and
documents as necessary. Adhere to and develop best practices in regards to
infrastructure and process.
Presentation: Clearly communicate key details and provide comprehensive downloads on
client/business updates in a non-biased manner. Understand presentation best practices
and be confident in leading presentations in front of clients and senior leadership in a
clear and engaging manner.
Mentorship: Provide team mentorship and training to ensure growth in individual
skillsets and capabilities. Delegate project management and operational tasks to team
members appropriately to help manage bandwidth and workload.
Collaborate: Actively bridge the gap between the Partner and eROI multidisciplinary
teams. Understand how departments work dependently and independently in each
situation. Communicate expectations to team consistently and know how to get the best
work to develop measurable solutions.

Forecast:​ Track revenue, agency costs, and staffing requirements weekly and continually
level set for both eROI and our partners to ensure financial success by staying within
budget and tracking positive profitability.
Quality Assurance: Ensure flawless and consistent execution of all projects and
communication. Drive quality assurance and keep a keen eye on the details to ensure the
quality of deliverables and back-up materials and file appropriately.
Growth: Demonstrate continued pursuit of personal and professional growth and industry
education. Continually explore and grow your multidisciplinary knowledge and work to
follow and craft best practices. Help to drive partnership growth for eROI partners above
and beyond current benchmarks.
Position Competencies:
● Stress Management​: Stable performance and poise under heavy pressure
● Judgment / Decision-Making​: Consistent logic, rational and objectivity
● Strategic Skills​: Ability to proactively drive projects and deliverables
● Conflict Management​: Predicts and acts to work through natural conflict
● Assertiveness​: Standing for issues when necessary without being abrasive
● Pragmatism​: Sensible, realistic, and practical solutions
● Resourcefulness / Initiative​: Finds and seizes opportunities to excel
● Independence​: Ability to self-manage and take on responsibility for the team
● 2-5 years of project management experience in a digital agency environment
● Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising/Marketing or Communications
● Strong technical skills with understanding of email and database marketing
infrastructures & technologies
● Traffic management/scrum experience to help inform process
● Demonstrated problem solving skills and attention to detail
eROI creates digital experiences a​cross email, web, and social for clients big and small. At
eROI, we are one—working as a wholly collaborative team to drive revenue by making our
partners’ passions our own, considering each engagement and uniquely tailoring to
exceed their goals. With boundless curiosity​, we start with ‘why’ instead of ‘what’ to hear
the truth so that we can craft the right solution. Seeking to inspire and be inspired ​with

each interaction, we have an opportunity to be amazed and to understand that
collectively we can create experiences greater than we can alone.

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