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Audit Manager – Program Integrity

Oregon Health Authority, Salem, OR

Job - Government

Close Date: 05/31/2019

The Oregon Health Authority is modernizing and expanding their Program Integrity Audit Unit and currently has a fantastic opportunity for an experienced Manager with a background in Auditing or Program Performance to join an excellent team and work to advance their program operations.

The Oregon Health Authority promotes health equity by developing policies and programs to eliminate health disparities and reach health equity for all Oregonians.

What you will do!
As the Manager of the Program Integrity Audit Unit, you will provide leadership and direct management supervision to the Program Integrity Audit Unit (PIAU) in the Fiscal and Operations Division of the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). You will work closely with all levels of OHA executives and managers on audit, regulatory and program integrity issues.

In this role, you will directly supervise the audit staff of the PIAU and direct and monitor the work of the audit staff to ensure work is completed as assigned or detailed in the PIAU strategic plan. You will lead in the preparation and execution of the PIAU audit plan for OHA and be responsible for coordinating various audits and develop consistent, effective and efficient work processes, procedures and practices.

Your responsibilities will include assisting in the coordination of, contributing to and participating in program integrity activities and functions in OHA and with partner agencies where Medicaid funds are invested. You will act as a liaison with federal, state and stakeholder partners regarding the interpretation, implementation and application of program integrity requirements. Examples of stakeholder partners include Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the U.S. Office of Inspector General (OIG), the U. S. Government Accounting Office (GAO), the U.S. Attorney’s office, the Oregon Department of Justice, and professional organizations such as the Oregon Board of Medicine and the Oregon Board of Nursing. At times, you may serve as a contract administrator as needed.

In this strategic leadership position, you will be integral to the integrity of Oregon’s Medicaid funding, which ultimately impacts the health and access to services by over one million Medicaid beneficiaries in Oregon, who originate from racially, ethnically, culturally, gender- and ability- diverse communities throughout the state. You will need to demonstrate a strong understanding of PIAU’s role in advancing health equity and addressing systemic health disparities.

Additionally, you will assist the OHA Administrator for Program Integrity in the preparation and monitoring of the PIAU budget and assist in the development of responses to budget and revenue projection requests. You will lead in the development of the PIAU audit plan and assist the Administrator in the development of the OHA Program Integrity Strategic Plan. You will also perform a variety of typical management functions, including conducting staff meetings, preparing written reports, resolving disputes, reviewing information and legislative activity related to program integrity. You will have a responsibility to proactively create an inclusive environment for all staff, including those from diverse backgrounds and be responsible to ensure LEAN activities are thoughtfully and thoroughly implemented and carried out.

Finally, you will be responsible for representing PIAU in a range of stakeholder workgroups and committees internal and external to OHA, related to audits and program integrity, such as the OHA Quality Health Outcome Committee and the Oregon Association of Health and Hospital Systems. You will be on the forefront of recruiting, retaining and promoting a qualified, diverse workforce and inclusive workplace environment for the OHA Fiscal and Operations Division and the overall agency.

What's in it for you?
Collaboration in an open office with a team of bright individuals to work with and learn from. We offer full medical, vision and dental with paid sick leave, vacation, personal leave and ten paid holidays per year. If you are an experienced Manager with a background in Auditing or Program Performance, don't delay, apply today!

• Six (6) years of experience in supervision, staff-technical, or professional-level work related to auditing or program performance. Two (2) years of this experience must have included supervision and management of a program, section, or unit which included: a) development of program rules and policies, b) development of long- and short-range goals and plans, c) program evaluation, and d) budget preparation.
o A Bachelor's degree or equivalent course work (144 quarter or 96 semester hours) in a field related to management, such as Business or Public Administration, or a field related to auditing, may be substituted for Three (3) years of the required experience, but will not substitute for the Two (2) years of specialized experience.
• Strong working knowledge of federal and state level Medicaid Program Integrity operations and requirements as well as the prevention, detection, identification and investigations of fraud, waste and abuse.
• Experience using data analytics applications in the prevention, detection, identification and investigation of fraud, waste and abuse.
• Knowledge of program integrity theory and application.
• Excellent customer service and all types of communication strategies and skills to deal with differing opinions related to program integrity, oversight and monitoring.
• Ability to interpret complex federal, state and other regulatory principles.
• Experience in advancing health equity, addressing systemic health disparities and collaborating with diverse, vulnerable and underrepresented populations.

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